Monday, 17 September 2018

Keep Your Glow & Energy This Fall

Change are coming! By that we mean season changes. Estheticians tend to be suckers for cycles, we’re obsessed with the skincare cycle, hormonal cycles and the changes the seasons make on your selfcare. Going into the cooler months are interesting because your body really does adjust in a dramatic way, we can also get into more intense skincare treatments because of the calmer lifestyle and lower sunlight exposure. In this newsletter we’ll highlight some changes you might feel physically, and some routine changes you might want to consider to look & feel your best for the pesky holidays!

Sleeping More

On average in October people can sleep up to 2.7 more hours per a day. Low sunlight increases your desire and ability to sleep longer but a Harvard Study showed that your quality of sleep decreases - which explains why you feel groggy despite all that time in bed. When UV rays from the sun hit your retina it triggers a chemical response which strongly supports your circadian sleep patterns. Your body basically gets better at falling asleep, and sleeping hard in the summer so when the sun is out you have lots of energy to get stuff done. This is without even getting into the fact your Vitamin D resources tend to get a touch depleted during less sunny months.

A great thing about sleeping longer is that your nighttime skincare products get to stay on longer! This is fantastic for Vitamin C rich products and ingredients created to boost collagen production like the Age Corrective Products (Bamboo Firming Fluid, Bamboo Age Corrective Mask, Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer, Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck, Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate & Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream).

If you want to help your body deal with changes in your sleeping pattern and energy levels we love Acupuncture for insomnia or troubled sleep patterns & Reiki for re-balancing energy and helping the body de-stress.

Moody Blues

It’s anxiety season, yay! While the understanding of why Vitamin D influences depression is not fully understood (according to a study at St. Joseph’s Hospital), people do tend to feel their energy and good spirits take a hit as it cools down. Those suffering from SAD can also see a melatonin boost, the sleepy chemical that you usually take when dealing with jet lag. There are few changes people will introduce sometimes without even noticing it:
  • Exercising less- In the summer you’re more likely to be out and about, hiking, long walks, swimming etc. all of those will help boost your energy and aid in coping with negative feelings
  • Socializing less- It’s amazing how much a good chat with a friend can help you let go of a bad day, get you smiling and ensure you feel a sense of community and belonging. The cool weather makes last minute park or patio hangs less frequent
  • Eating More Carbs- Carbs are delicious, so so so delicious, but it can also get you into a carb coma and back up your digestive system and trigger increased weight gain.

We all know when we’re feeling down it seems like it shows everywhere and it’s so easy to fall into a cycle and throw self care out the window. Daily rituals, whether it’s masking, serum and moisturizer, recommended stretches or breathing exercises, can help you maintain a level of self satisfaction and content-ness.

We have you covered in so many ways for this, Acupuncture, Reiki and Massage can help your body de-stress and cope with anxiety. Acupuncture can also help with digestion issues or eczema that is triggered from carb overload. We love that we’re not a cold clinical and uppity feeling spa, so if you’re having a hard time getting friends to commit to plans, when you come here you can be in the land of chit chats while we deliver some nurturing “I look great” vibes into your life! (If in a rush I’m a big fan of a lash or brow tint with a scalp massage. [$27 + tax])

Hormonal Shift

In an interesting turn of events (or maybe a built in coping mechanism for all the increased anxiety) Fall & Winter can be a frisky time. Studies show increased hormonal production (especially testerone) in the Fall months, with that can also come different moods, changes in the skin and more frustration if you’re dating in Toronto.
We love the Eight Greens line from Eminence for targeting hormonal shifts in the skin, it helps with breakout activity, hot flashes and hormonal hyperpigmentation while slowing down the signs of ageing! Acupuncture is a very popular approach for balancing hormones, massage and Reiki can help with fluctuations due to it’s de-stressing and soothing approach.

Other Changes To Consider This Season:

Fall is the time to start thinking about Peel Series. Saul’s has two peel series (one is coming in October).

There is the Advanced Acne Salicylic Acid Peel series which is 4 peel treatments, preferably done 1x a week. This is great for clogged pores, break out activity and post breakout hyper pigmentation.

Our Yam and Pumpkin Peel Series is three 30 minute treatments and  one 45 minute treatment, this peel series is bit more firming and anti aging. It will still help bring congestion to the surface, boosting purging, eliminating uneven texture and break out activity. The firming and brightening of this peel are it’s biggest strengths though.
Sunscreen absolutely must be worn when doing these peels though! There will potentially be some flaky days and you are expected to not exfoliate at home during this series. We also cannot perform these peels on skins currently using retinols, prescription acne medication or steroids. You must be off all topical acne meds for at least 2 weeks (preferably a month). Any internal acne medications (like Accutane) you need to have been off for a year. These peel series go BEAUTIFULLY with Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Online Waxing Sale

If you pre-purchase 2 Regular Brazilian and/or 2 Lower Leg waxes you'll get one wax half off! 

This sale is available online only, the waxes expire Dec 31st 2018. 

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This Sale is Ending September 22nd 2018

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Back To School Specials

All month long we're offering different specials every week! Simply book your appointment from Tuesday - Friday starting from 12-4pm with the appropriate promo-code to save!* 

*There are no rain cheques and these specials aren't applicable with any other specials

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Do You Want A Free Mini Face Peel?

September is going to be an exciting one for us at Saul's! Eminence is releasing a new fantastic Acne Fighting Collection and with it a new Salicylic Acid Peel! 

This peel is different from the Yam and Pumpkin (also gorgeous) as it targets congestion and break out activity more, while the Yam and Pumpkin is more brightening & tightening. 

The Advance Acne Peel series is also going to be a bit stronger feeling, which means you might see more flakiness a couple days after your peel. It's a similar structure to the Yam & Pumpkin Series. It is 4 services which we recommend you complete weekly. Each service is approximately 25-30 min. long. The ideal time to complete this series is before harsh weather conditions, whether it's harsh winter or bright summer. You will be more photosensitive when doing this service.

We don't recommend this service for those on any prescription acne medicine or retinol, those pregnant (or trying to conceive, just in case), those who have been on a prescription retinol or AHA or BHA within 14 days or Accutane within a year. 

All 4 services are purchased at once and never expire for just $230

We are also offering this series for your back! Yes! The Bacne Peel Series is $310

This Series will be available starting in October. 


We are so excited for this new Eminence collection (there's finally a sulfur mask!!) that we are offering a free Mini Peel (to be completed with an appointment Oct. 16-19th) when you pre purchase ANY of the the Advance Acne Products (including their Advanced Acne Kit which includes all 3 products, full size, for just $156). You can also receive this deal if you pre-purchase an Eminence VitaSkin Starter Set (that's the Bright, Calm, Clear or Firm skin one month supply. Each kit is just $58 + tax)

You can also pre purchase the Advanced Acne Kit + The Advanced Acne Peel Series for just $341 (saving $45!)

Or Pre Purchase a VitaSkin Kit and the Yam and Pumpkin Peel series for just $268 (saving $35!)

The Peel series will never expire, you can use it whenever works best for you! All kits must be pre purchased by September 15 2018.

The Advanced Acne Foaming Cleanser is $52

The amazing non stinky sulfur Advance Acne Mask is $70

The hydrating and brightening congestion fighitng with Salicylic Acid Hydrator is $74

Call, email, come into the shop or text to preorder your product!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

How Does Acupuncture Help With Ageing Skin?

Written by your neighbourhood acupuncturist Leah I. Meltz RAc, HBSc

Let’s talk about wrinkles and the cosmetic acupuncture connection

To the dictionary!

wrin·kel ‘riNGk(ə)l/ noun • A temporary small ridge or furrow on a surface, including skin, due to contraction, folding, crushing, or the like

Why do we get wrinkles? First things first…to understand wrinkles we need to understand the basics of skin

Our skin is organized into three divisions: 
• Epidermis  made of dead skin cells which protect the lower layers 
• Dermis – contains collagen and elastin which give our skin form and flexibility 
 Hypodermis – the deepest area containing fat and blood vessels Underneath these layers are the muscles of the face.
Ok… So why do we get wrinkles?

Sun damage aka Photoaging

The sun produces UVA/UVB radiation. When the UVA/UVB’s come in contact with the skin, they damage our collagen and elastin within the dermis and impair the skin’s ability to repair itself (Canadian Dermatology Association, 2018).

When our skin can’t keep up with sun damage repairs, wrinkles form. Regular sunscreen use is our greatest ally to minimize the impact of photoaging.

Consider the many SPF options to protect your skin: 
• Classic lotions
• Face creams
• Even powders… for when you can’t bear to add another layer of lotion

Our skin is organized into three divisions: 
• Epidermis  made of dead skin cells which protect the lower layers 
• Dermis – contains collagen and elastin which give our skin form and flexibility 
 Hypodermis – the deepest area containing fat and blood vessels Underneath these layers are the muscles of the face.
Ok… So why do we get wrinkles?

Sun damage aka Photoaging

The sun produces UVA/UVB radiation. When the UVA/UVB’s come in contact with the skin, they damage our collagen and elastin within the dermis and impair the skin’s ability to repair itself (Canadian Dermatology Association, 2018).

When our skin can’t keep up with sun damage repairs, wrinkles form. Regular sunscreen use is our greatest ally to minimize the impact of photoaging.

Consider the many SPF options to protect your skin: 
• Classic lotions
• Face creams
• Even powders… for when you can’t bear to add another layer of lotion

The fat layer located in the hypodermis of our skin also goes through an extensive remodelling as we age (Figure 1). In areas where fat decreases, folds become more visible and in areas where fat increases, sagging becomes more apparent (Donofrio, 2000). These changes to the skin become more apparent over time- but fat remodelling isn’t the whole picture. Our skin’s appearance is also influenced by mimetic muscles.

Mimetic muscles? 

These are the muscles of facial expression, located below the hypodermis of the skin. They let us smile and frown… and over time contribute to the expression of wrinkles. When we are young, our muscles are the most fluid and flexible. As we age, they become stiff and less mobile, resulting in the skin bunching and folding on the surface of the tight muscles (Le Louarn, 2007); helping form the wrinkles we know and love.

What does all of this have to do with cosmetic acupuncture? 

Haven’t heard about cosmetic acupuncture? (Click here to read our past blog post, "What Is Cosmetic Acupuncture?")

Acupuncture improves the circulation of Qi and Blood (Click here to check out: “What is Acupuncture?”) throughout the body. When stiff muscles meet acupuncture needles, they have a tendency to relax and lengthen; resulting in a smoothing out of the skin and decreased wrinkle visibility. The more relaxed the muscles, the less the skin bunches and folds on the surface. Research into how cosmetic acupuncture works is still developing. Current research is exploring mimetic muscle tone and increased oil production and retention in the skin over time with treatment (Donoyama et al, 2012).

Don’t panic! Cosmetic acupuncture’s effect on oil production won’t cause your skin to break out. Think of the increased oil production working as moisturizer from the inside out, rather than clogging our pores. Oil helps to plump and firm our thinning skin and offset the changes in fat distribution of the face as we age.

Doesn’t cosmetic acupuncture help my skin make more collagen? Collagen has become the buzz word surrounding skin health these days, and although I’d love to say the explanation is that simple…. the research isn’t there.

Sum it up for me!

Wrinkles develop over time as part of our natural aging process from the effects of sunlight, thinning of the skin, decreased collagen production, shifting fat distribution and increased mimetic muscle tone. The mimetic muscles of the face are targeted during cosmetic acupuncture treatment, resulting in their relaxation and subsequent smoothing of wrinkles. Oil production also increases in the skin during cosmetic acupuncture treatment working to offset the changes in facial fat distribution as we age.

And Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture?

• The 10 treatment protocol brings Qi and Blood to the face to generate lasting results.

Over time and regular use the mimetic muscles will tighten once again and wrinkles will become more prominent.

• Once-a-month follow-ups, after the initial 10 treatments, are enough to keep the muscles nice and relaxed and sustain skin oil production for the next 1 – 3 years.
Where’d the info come from?

Canadian Dermatology Association. (2018). Photoaging. Chopra K., Calva D., Sosin M., Tadisina KK., Banada A., De La Cruz C., Chaudhry MR., Legesse T., Drachenberg CB., Manson PN., and Christy MR. (2015). A Comprehensive Examination of Topographic Thickness of Skin in the Human Face. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 35(8): 1007 – 1013. Donofrio LM. (2000). Fat Distribution: A Morphologic Study of the Aging Face. Dermatological Surgery, 26(12): 1107 – 1112. Donoyama N, Kojima A, Suoh S, Ohkoshi N. (2012). Acupuncture in Medicine, 30(2): 152 – 153. Escoffier C., de Rigal J., Rochefort A., Vasselet R., LCvCque J-L., and Agache PG. (1989). AgeRelated Mechanical Properties of Human Skin: An In Vivo Study. The Society of Investigative Dermatology: 93(3); 353 – 357. Le Louarn C., Buthiau D., and Buis J. (2007) Structural Aging: The Facial Recurve Concept. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 31: 213 – 218

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Save 40% Off Your Custom Skincare Treatment!

This August you can get 40% off your Custom Skincare Treatment if booked with a Reiki treatment on August 18th or 25th or if booked with a massage with our RMT on August 3rd or 10th! 

The special is automatically added at cash out. Both services must be performed on the same client and booked on the same day, there are no rain cheques - so book now to get your favourite time slot! All Registered Massage Therapy services may be covered by your additional healthcare benefits. This special can be applied for any length of time Massage, Reiki or Custom Skincare Treatment. This special is not applicable with any other specials.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What Is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

What is Cosmetic Acupuncture? - By Leah I. Meltz

Cosmetic acupuncture is a treatment to decrease the visible signs of aging using the principles of Chinese Medicine (Check out: Acupuncture...what is it?). Needles are inserted to the acupoints of the face to improve the circulation of Qi and Blood. There are several types of cosmetic acupuncture, here at Saul’s we focus on the Mei Zen style.

Mei Zen? What’s this all about?

Mei Zen translates as “beautiful person” and is an acupuncture technique developed by Martha Lucas PhD, L.Ac to maintain and improve upon skin health. Unlike other forms of cosmetic acupuncture which predominately needle directly into wrinkles, Mei Zen uses a cluster needle approach on the acupoints of the face.

Qi and Blood are guided to the face through the meridian pathways to nourish the skin and
muscles during treatment. The whole face is activated rather than one isolated segment alone.

Who's a Good Candidate for Mei Zen Acupuncture?

If you want to improve and maintain your skin health naturally and are interested in acupuncture, Mei Zen may be right for you! Although acupuncture and Mei Zen are very safe, there are a couple of reasons that you may want to think twice before starting treatment:

• Uncontrolled migraines
• High blood pressure
• Currently pregnant

What about using Botox (and other fillers)? 

Depending on how recent the treatment was you may: • Still be able to complete the full protocol (>6 months)
• OR have a personalized protocol created to avoid injection sites (<6 months).

Curious to learn more?

There are lots of options! Never had acupuncture, but want to try? Stop by Saul’s on Saturdays and “Give it a Whirl”! This mini treatment (25min) will cover the basics of Acupuncture and give you a sense of what it actually feels like.

Ready to dip your feet into Mei Zen & Cosmetic Acupuncture?

We offer:

- Targeted lift treatments for eye, chin or neck on Wednesdays and Saturdays These treatments include a mini body acupuncture treatment and targeted protocol. This quick pick me up will leave your skin feeling refreshed. (only $35!)

- Appointment bookings are on Wednesdays and Saturdays This Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment (90min initial, 60min follow-up) includes a full TCM health assessment and complete Mei Zen and body acupuncture treatment.

- Mini cosmetic treatment on Wednesdays and Saturdays This treatment (90min initial, 60min follow-up) involves full TCM health assessment and body acupuncture treatment, BUT reduces the total number of needles used for Mei Zen.

Where’d the info come from? Lucas M. (2013). Cosmetic Acupuncture: A Textbook for Practitioners of the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System, 3rd ed.