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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

March Happy Hour Specials!

It's a new month, which means new Happy Hour specials! Now is the perfect time to check out our spectacular Yam and Pumpkin Peel Series and have a fresh glowing face for when warm weather rolls in!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Free Brow Shaping!

March is almost here! March can be a hard month, you just want it to be sunny and green out but it's just not quite there. To help get you through the hard month, and thank you for your love and support we are offering limited spaces every Tuesday of March 2017 for FREE brow waxes or threading! Now it doesn't have to your first time seeing us to collect these sweet deals, but there are some guidelines:

1) Limited 1 per a person
2) Not applicable with any other specials
3) Limited spaces are available
4) This cannot be booked via MindBody / Online appointment request. You must call, text, email or speak to us in person to make the appointment
5) We recommend threading for those of you doing a peel treatments, using acne meds or wanting to book with a Custom Skincare Treatment
6) This is only available on Tuesdays, there are no rain cheques. 
7) If you no show or cancel with under 24 hours notice you may be charged a fee which reflects the cost of a normal brow wax, since we would have turned away appointments to maintain the integrity of your service.

Thanks again for your support and love!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Why We Rarely Recommend Only Using Clear Skin Products

In Eliss' latest blog post she discusses why it's very rare an esthetician recommends just the Acne treating products on a break out prone skin. Why only choose one set of active ingredients when you can have many, all working towards making your skin it's happiest!

"We see it all the time, clients coming in certain that the only product for them is acne specific product lines. There are so many acne or break out treating products, millions are spent yearly on over the counter and prescription acne treating products, that’s not including specific in spa or clinic treatments. When after a treatment a client with break out activity is *only* recommended the line’s acne products it can read as lazy, except in severe cases.
The fact of the matter is most acne we see in the spa shows triggers that are different from sticky skin cells, things like severe dehydration, rosacea, a detrimental product or stress. You also don’t want to see a client using strictly acne treated products for life, if a client is seeing zero improvement with regular treatments and as home product use, then that is when a dermatologist is more appropriate. There are a lot of clients who exacerbate their acne symptoms by not realising they’ve grown out of their crazy hormone teenage skin, and are now further dehydrating their skin and inviting a different type of break out that’s just as annoying.
When planning recommendations for a client who’s dealing with break out activity you want to consider which steps you think they’ll do most consistently, their skin type and their skin conditions. You can always “treat” conditions, but you need to work with their skin type. If you only layer mattifying, low oil or oil free, exfoliating products on a dry thin acneic skin you’re not going to see the same results as mixing in a soothing moisturiser, or nourishing mask. Mixing in products that concentrate on issues like dehydration, hyper pigmentation or reddness are a great way to show your client there’s a world of products for them that aren’t full of salicylic acid, sulphur and tea tree oil, but still help shut down cycles in their skin that could be making their acne feel or act worse than it has to..."

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Price Increase

It's that time, lease is renewed, services are expanding and inflation is coming. Starting March we will be implementing our new prices on services, all the increases are $5 or less except on grouped services (such as lower body waxes), some prices haven't changed at all. You can see the new price points on our Services page! Please note all gift certificates that have been purchased will be honoured for their service without any additional charges.

This price increase will also enable us to keep delivering specials and discounts (like Tuesday with T, Student Discount Wednesdays and our Review and Win contest!) and bring in service upgrades (you can look forward to Lash Lifts/Perms in the future at Saul's, as well as expansions in our facial services!)

Thanks so much for your continuing support!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Review & Win

Saul's hears so much positive feedback in person and we adore it! We'd love to see it on Google Review or our Facebook page reviews too though! If you write us a review on either (or both) with the same name we have on file in MindBody, whether it be written in the review or the user name, your name will be entered to win a 30 minute Custom Skincare Treatment or 1 of 4 $10 Off Services Gift Certificates! 

You can enter up to two times, 1x via Google Review and 1x via Facebook Review, if you've already written us a review, don't worry, your name has been entered! 

Winners will be contacted March 31st 2017 and their prize will be added to their account

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Winter Skin

Can you feel it? Of course you can! This weather is blustery, cold and harsh for your skin. Now is when we expect walk in customers for their poor frazzled skin, and new clients booking themselves Custom Skincare Treatments! Somethings you can do in the mean time to help deal with angry skin are:

1) Mask Up - masks are great supplementary sources of nourishment for skin, like taking extra vitamins when you're feeling under the weather. It can be hard to find time to add masks to your life, check out our Masking Blog for suggestions. Even using honey as a mask can help boost your skins well being!  

2) Add A Serum - a lot of customers tell us their moisturiser isn't enough, sometimes the game changer is adding a humectant filled serum. While moisturisers tend to have more yummy fats and protective ingredients, serums are meant be super absorbed by your skin, delivering active ingredients deeper into your epidermis. Serum is also one of the fastest ways to deal with dehydration, which we all know is a real bugger to deal with. 

3) Add A Face Oil - if you're still trying to finish off your warm weather / lighter moisturiser, then adding a face oil can help bulk up your product giving your skin a richer experience

4) Don't Skip All Exfoliating (in some cases) - it's easy to feel less oily and smoggy in the cold weather, leading to less exfoliating for the cold months. Build up of dead skin cells can interrupt the absorption of your wonderful products and lead to excessive congestion. Please keep in mind it's important you're not exfoliating chapped vulnerable skin, or using an too aggressive product to remove dead skin cells.

5) Change Up Your Cleanser - while you might love your gel cleanser in the summer, switching to a creamy or milky gel cleanser in the winter will make sure you're not removing naturally occurring oils when you need it most. This is also a great season to add an oil cleanser step for removing makeup. We cannot stress enough how detrimental aggressive make up removing wipes can be in this weather. 

6) Don't Have the Hottest Showers Ever - Even just switching to the hottest bath ever will be better for the skin on your face, that being said, we don't expect anyone to give up a life luxury just for their skin. We have to list this as professionals though

7) Don't Skip Sunscreen - you are still being exposed to UV rays, sometimes twice over from reflecting off snow. You want to be keeping your skin as strong as possible, unnecessary exposure to UV rays will have to opposite effect. This also means that a Vitamin D oral supplement is a strongly preferred source than a tanning bed. 

If you're looking for any product recommendations or want to book a Custom Skincare Treatment (even 30 minutes can make a big difference) swing by the shop or give us a call/text or email and we'll be happy to help!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

February Happy Hour Specials

It's February! The shortest month of the year, and the month of Valentine's Day! Our Happy Hour specials are only available, shockingly, if you book your appointment starting at the Happy Hour times:

Tues-Fri 3-4:30pm
Saturday 4:30-6pm

This month you can receive a promo code to get $5 off a gift certificate purchased in this month (maybe for a Valentine's Day gift?) or add a Brow Tint to your waxing appointment for just $5!

*These specials are not applicable with any other discounts