Friday, 6 June 2014

Healthy Sun-ing!

This article discusses a new worrisome report from the Canadian Cancer Society stating that skin cancer is in fact on the rise. As skincare professionals this is sad news for us to hear. In response this month we are offering first time spray tans for only $35, that's $15 off our first time rate. You can read all about our spray tans here! We also have our spray tan package, where you buy 10 spray tans and get the first one free! There's no reason you have to endanger your health to get your summer glow!

We've also brought in a reasonably priced sunscreen, Alba Botanica. We have the unscented facial sunscreen  (spf 30) and the sport spray lotion (spf 45). Eliss used this stuff when dealing teen acne and prescription meds, it never irritated her skin or increased break outs. It's UVA and UVB protecting and it's only $16.50. Listen, we could have found a beautiful $60 sunscreen and told you all the reasons it's uhhhmmaazziinnngggg, but then every 2 hours (which is how frequently you're supposed to reapply assuming you haven't gone swimming or super sweating), you'd go, "ughh it's $60! I can't afford to keep reapplying!" and then what's the point? We want your skin to be healthiest it can be! We believe in this product, we think it's a great value (it also contains lavender extract, aloe, calendula and chamomile) and you won't cringe when your friends start passing it around at the park (cause you're the responsible one). If you wanna give 'er a whirl then come on by and we'll happy to give you a sample!