Saturday, 23 August 2014

What's Hair Inhibiting Gel??

If you've come by in the last few weeks you've most likely heard Nikki or Eliss gushing about Whish's Hair Inhibiting Gel. Eliss was pretty skeptical at first, as per usual with "claim-y" products, this products rocks though. It's, as always with Whish, lovely smelling and settles on the skin very lightly. The gel is overall an amazing skin conditioner without any residue like with body creams or butters.

The formula is aloe based, a common soothing hydrator, it also contains shea butter (without leaving any sheen or noticeable oil), hyaluronic acid which is a very powerful humectant and retinol palmitate which helps renew skin cells. So before we even get into the hair inhibiting aspect of this body gel, we have a strong skin hydrator, renewing (and therefore anti-ageing) ingredients,  you smell great and can put on jeans right away!

Now for the hair inhibiting, the first assumption is that, of course, it's some gross super pharma chemical. Nope. This is the Whish brand we're talking about! The most active ingredient for limiting hair growth is.... Larrea Divaricata (chapparel) extract. Larrea Divaricata is a desert shrub with a cute yellow flower. This extract is full of antioxidants as well as hair inhibiting properties. Eliss layers the gel under lotion and has already noticed slower hair growth in just a month's use! Nikki hates the feeling of body lotion so she uses it solo and has noticed her skin feeling happier and looking more hydrated in just a week's use.

We're currently carrying the Gel in our favourite Almond (smells just like almond extract), Pomegranate (which Eliss comparies to skittles, Nikki compares to candy gummies) and Lemongrass (a nice more gender neutral scent that dries a light green scent). We can always order in your favourite scent if you'd prefer blueberry, lavender, coconut or key lime. It's a steal at only $28 for 220mL.