Saturday, 6 September 2014

So.. How Should I Take Care of My Beard?

A lot of people come in to check out our beard stuff and are overwhelmed by the selection, "What's the difference between a balm and oil?" "Do I need a brush or comb?" "Is one oil better then the other?", obviously we're more then happy to answer all these questions and discuss what works best for yourself, but if a conversation with someone who seems like they're trying to sell you stuff doesn't float your boat then pay attention to our next few blog posts where we'll discuss our products, how to use them and their benefits.

So what's the recommended beard protocol? We generally recommend washing your beard with an appropriate wash and conditioner at least 1 time a week and doing a comb or brush out and finishing product 1-2x a day.

Now we could write a little blurb about all our beard products, but it'd be 3 pages long and no one would ever read it, today we'll go over the "lazy guy" protocol for a happy beard, don't worry, it's only 3 steps and as said above, 1 of them can be just once a week at minimum.

Step 1 (recommended to do in shower at least 1x a week): Wash Your Beard:
We carry an array of beard washes, the wash bars are easily the laziest though. We have 2 brand options and 4 different scent options. All of these are of course SLS and petrochemical free.

Hudson's Made Beard and Shave Soap (available in Citron Neroli, Cedar Clove and Original White $31.50): This soap last forever, is wonderfully scented and conditioning enough that you can somewhat get away with skipping in shower conditioner. You can also use it to wash pretty much everywhere (though the esthetician in us prefers using a specific facial cleanser, this is far from your worst option)! Multitasking! A few of our testers were beyond enthralled with this product and are over the moon we brought it in. Hudson's Made strives to use ingredients local to them (Hudson's Bay, NY) and avoid outsourcing. They were recommended to us via Beardbrand and boy are we happy we found em! These babies have vegetable oils, shea butter, jojoba oil and a beautiful melody of essential oils to create their fragrance, no synthetic oils, artificial ingredients, detergents or plastic packaging.

Meow Meow Tweet Beer Shampoo Bar ($15): Meow Meow Tweet is a Brooklyn based company that hand makes their soap using organic ingredients and eco sustainable methods. This bar can be used for your whole body (again, we'd prefer to see a different cleanser for the rest of your face that is more of a target treatment, but this is still a decent option if you're not treating a specific concern), the hair on your head and of course beard. Beer is great for clarifying the hair, as is the grapefruit and rosemary oil. The bar also containing nourishing olive oil, coconut oil (great for fighting dandruff), hempseed oil and shea butter. Aloe Vera helps hydrate the skin as well.

Step 2 Brush That Beard:

Now obviously you can comb it too, but brushes cover a larger surface area so they're the lazier option. We carry a soft boar's brush, again recommended by Beardbrand. It's made for beards so it won't hurt your skin! Brushing you beard helps stimulate blood flow to your follicles, which provides nutrients and encourages strong hair growth. It also helps break up any excess dead skin at the root while distributing your naturally occurring oils over the shaft of the hair. Breaking up the excess dead skin will help prevent itchy beard and let your finishing product get right to your skin!

Step 3 Oil That Beard:

Nikki and Eliss had a long conversation about what's the laziest conditioning product for beards and agreed it's oil. Why? You don't have to "scrape" it out of a tin, it's usually easier to open and takes less effort to warm up in your hands. We're currently carrying 2 different brands of beard oil in a whopping 7 different scents! Woah! With all of these you apply 2-3 drops to your hands, warm them up and rub over your beard, we recommend this 1-2x a day.

Beardbrand Oil (available in Spiced Citrus, Tree Ranger and Tea Tree $28.50): Beardbrand hales from Spokane WA and is started by a team that includes competitive beard-er Eric Bandholz. This is a simple blend with high end ingredients. Skincare ingredients, much like food, has many different quality levels and all of our brands strive for the best. Beardbrand contains nourishing oils such as jojoba and almond oil (so if you or your partner has a nut allergy, this isn't for you). All three scents are essential oil based. This oil is our best seller so far, Tea Tree smells more minty that tea tree-y and is great for preventing break outs, we describe Spiced Citrus as smelling like Christmas (oranges and cloves) and Tree Ranger is a deep woodsy scent.

Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oil (available in Commando (unscented), Williamsburg, Red Hook and Fort Greene $34): Brooklyn Grooming, just like Meow Meow Tweet hand makes all their products in Brooklyn NY. Their oil blend is a bit more extensive than Beardbrands, with sesame oil, jojoba, hemp seed, argan and rosemary (which helps clarify and prevent dandruff). These oils are more nut allergy friendly and some people prefer the squeeze dropper instead. We also carry a tester package of all the Brooklyn Grooming oils which makes a great gift.

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