Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Third Post of Beardness!

In our last two posts ( 1 and 2 ) we went over the lazy man's guide to beardcare and the intermediate version. Today we will discuss the ultimate super cared after beard/stache guide! It'll be a whopping SIX steps not including any trimming/shaving technique. Oh yes. I don't doubt a lot of you are going, "oh hell no" but us estheticians find the idea of six steps a type of exciting only a few of you will really understand.

Step 1: Wash the Beast

I think this has been thoroughly covered in the other posts. We recommend washing in the shower, once a day is perfectly acceptable and best when using styling products like wax, or if you're a really messy eater.

Step 2: Weekly Conditioning Treatment

That's right, there is a weekly conditioning treatment (or mask). You'd do this after washing at least once a week, this is not your typical day to day conditioner!

Bluebeard's Wonder Beard Intensive Repair Treatment ($27.68): Eliss has tried this stuff in her crispy over processed hair and loved it! It smells delightful, this mask/treatment contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil (bonds to the hair locking in moisturise and soothing frizziness), Burdock Root extract keeps your skin happy and calm, and Rosemary leaf extract is clarifying. This mask softens the hairs, increases elasticity and helps soothe annoyed skin. It's fantastic for helping repair brittle hair from breaking! Just simply put in after cleansing, leave in for at least 3 minutes and rinse.

Step 3: Daily In Shower Conditioner

We've already gone over the benefits of Bluebeard's fresh mint conditioner here , this can be used after Wonderbeard if feeling super dry, or mixed half/half with Wonderbeard if you don't want the extra step but want to boost your conditioner.

Step 4: Comb 'er

This is also covered in our last post here or if you prefer you can do a combo of brushing (covered here) and then comb your stache towards the shape you prefer using a mini Kent comb!

Step 5: Oil/Balm

If you're combing then you can do this step as Step 4 or Step 5, generally we recommend against using a brush with oil or butter based products (because who's really going to wash their brush regularly?). We've gone over our different leave in conditioning products in the past posts ( Beard oils and Beard Balms ), there is just one left that is a lighter conditioning cream.

Bluebeard's Beard Saver (in Original and Unscented $27.68): The Original scent of this is similar to fruit loops or citrus candy, the citrus can help take away from food smell, but if you're washing daily that shouldn't be much of a concern. This product is made for daily application and is our lightest product. It contains aloe (hydrating and soothing), sweet almond oil which is very nourishing and conditioning and shea butter (not enough to makes it heavy though). This product spreads quite a bit but doesn't need to be warmed up in your hands like with the beard oils and balms. Our experience has been that this product appeals to those who despise the feeling of lotion.

Step 6: Control the Beast

Huh? What the heck do you mean? Why Mustache Wax of course! Whether you want twirled ends, an intense Dali-ing or just training your luxurious long stache to lie in nice pillows of manliness, wax is what you want. Our waxes are of course petrochemical free, while the ingredients are there to increase hold they'll also help condition the hairs and not make them occlusive to your natural oils.

Beardbrand Mustache Wax (Tea Tree, Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus $7): This offers a medium hold and comes in a handy lipbalm shape for easy pocket carrying! The ingredients are pretty simple (and not vegan) with beeswax, jojoba oil and lanolin. So if you have any wool sensitivities we'd recommend against this guy, nonetheless it gets the job done and is one of our best sellers! You simply scrape a bit off the top with your finger nail, warm up the wax between your fingers and apply as you wish.

Brooklyn Grooming Mustache Wax (Red Hook, Commando/unscented, Williamsburg and Fort Green $26) : Now this wax comes in a much larger tin and will last you for quite awhile. This is one of the only things that Brooklyn Grooming does not offer vegan-ed. This wax has a bit more complexity in it's ingredients with unrefined beeswax, kukui nut oil, shea butter, Vitamin E oil (happy skin!) and clarifying rosemary. We find this wax's hold is a touch stronger and the product takes a bit more work to warm up because of it. Used much the same as Beardbrand's wax, scrape off a bit with your fingernail and warm up between your fingers before application.

After applying product you can always use your comb to train it in, this will leave lines from the teeth of the comb though.

From there, throughout the day you'll want to periodically re-style your moustache, touching up the twirl of it and using straws, drinking from bottles or using products like our mason jar reCAP and Cuppow Lids!

Check out our Growing a Beard 101 or our 1st or 2nd beardcare guides! You can also read about our newest balms here!