Friday, 10 October 2014

Coffee. Beard. Balm.

Next week we'll launching a couple new beard products for our bearded clients in anticipation of Movember!

We will be bringing in 1740 Beard Balm , their balm is available in three scents: The Original scent is a not overwhelming peppermint, perfect for itchy and irritated skin. Their Freshly Cut is a combo of cedarwood, fir needle and lime. A woodsy citrus if you will, as we know from Bluebeard's products, the lime essential oil will help cut through any food smell that might be stuck in your beard. Then there's their Death Wish Coffee Infused balm, because who doesn't want to apply coffee directly to their neck and face in the morning? Products like this make me wish girls could grow beards. 1740 has infused *two* of their main ingredients for this balm with the strongest coffee in the world. Coffee is great for you (and your partner's) skin, so get to it with this stuff!

1740's balms are handmade with simple high quality ingredients. They don't skimp out on the beeswax with this stuff so you'll see exceptional taming with this products without crossing into styling wax territory.

We're also, very excitingly, introducing a Detroit made Beard Balm (the name, I admit, could be a little more fun. Whatever, they do one thing and they do it really really well). When we first opened Eliss had a bearded visitor who loved the shop and offered her a free tin to give a whirl, it was this stuff. It's full of yummy smelling Michigan beeswax, healing and soothing eucalyptus, uplifting geranium and coconut and grapeseed oil. It's a beautiful product that shows great results!

We will also now have even more beard combs, including a wood one! How bad-ass. The wood is prefect for winter because it's static free!

You can read our guides to bearding with more products reviews here, here, here and here!

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