Tuesday, 28 October 2014


You might have seen our big fuzzy Lorax inspired 'stache in the window. We are PUMPED for Movember times! For the rest of the week all of our shave gear and shave product are 10% off, do your big pre-shave with the best available product for happy skin!

After that if you come in and show us your fundraising proof for Movember we have 3 different mini kits for 3 stages of hair growth we're offering for free!

Our first kit is for the growing in phase, it includes products to help calm down any inflammation and irritation from new hairs growing in, help unblock the follicle and pore opening while softening the stubble and preventing break outs and ingrowns.

Our second kit is all about nourishing the skin and new hair, increasing flexibility and softness of both. This will help prevent flaky skin and redness from irritation.

The third kit is about softening the hair, helping tame it and keeping the skin happy with it's new "forested" lifestyle.

We can't wait to see all of your exciting new growth!

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