Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oiling Up Your Face

We spend a lot of time talking to people about oiling up their beards, and boy do people love the results! But what about the rest of your face?

We love Aromatherapy Associates for it's beautiful blends of face oils for every skin type and condition. Somewhere down the line someone marketed that going oil-free is the best step for diets and break out prone skin, boy were they wrong! Face oil is a great step, especially in the winter, for boosting up your nourishment game. You can use them after your serum and under your moisturiser, add a couple drops to your cream or use them solo (though it's harder to apply make up then).

Aromatherapy Associates offers six stunning oils for your face, all of them only need a couple drops for application.

Refining Face Oil ($70.23): This oil blend is jojoba based (jojoba is the closest oil to what your skin produces naturally), it's part of the Mattifying line and is formulated for oilier and acne prone skin. This oil utilizes:

   Lavender to soothe and heal, taking down any extra redness from break outs,

   Ylang Ylang which is balancing and will help bring your natural oil production to it's ideal point.

   Patchouli which helps speed up healing of sores and is commonly used for eczema and psoriasis.

   Rose which in anti aging, hormone balancing and helps take down post trauma hyper pigmentation    quickly.

Revitaling Face Oil ($70.23): This is Nikki's favourite face oil, great for tired or mature skins, it helps boost firmness and elasticity;

   Borage Oil: Borage is one of the base oils, it helps support the formation of healthy skin cell    membranes, it's fantastic for undoing environmental damage.

   Geranium Flower: Helps stabilize hormones, control redness and speed up healing. Also toning and can aid in even distribution of pigment!

   Sandalwood: Sanadalwood is known for releasing heat in the body and eliminating redness in the skin.

   Frankincense: A potent anti-ageing oil, it really helps boost healthy cell production while toning and aiding in treating hyper pigmentation.

Nourishing Face Oil ($70.23): This oil is fantastic for fortifying delicate sensitive skins. It helps strengthen capillaries while plumping your skin with crucial fatty acids.

   Evening Primrose Oil: Helps boost circulation, making this oil very popular for treating dark under eye circles. The healthy dose of circulation also means more nutrient rich blood is being brought to the skin properly without increasing flushing or reddness. This oil is also rich with essential fatty acids, which boost collagen production and strengthens elastin.

   Sandalwood: As noted above, this relieves heat in the skin which reduced redness and inflammation.

   Rose: A strong anti-ageing essential oil. Assists in regulating hormones and stimulating the skin's renewal process.

Soothing Face Oil ($69.21):  This a lighter oil base for chapped and irritated skins. Not as strongly anti-aging as the other oils but perfect for maintaining a healthy barrier (which prevents premature aging).

   Rice Germ Oil: This oil helps balance pigment production and de-stress the skin

   Baobab Seed Oil: This oil absorbs quickly and doesn't clog the pores while being full of essential fatty acids.

   Roman and German Chamomile: These oils are spectacular for reducing redness and soothing the skin.

   Strawberry Seed Oil: This helps treat inflammation and sun exposure, giving the skin a glow

Fine Line Oil ($79.95): This is one of our heavier oils and is formulated for skins that are older and really seeing their oil production slow down. It contains quite a few more active ingredients than the other face oils.

   Raspberry Seed Oil: This polyphenol (yes, those great things from wine) rich oil is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and helps boost your natural sun protection (though not to replace an approved SPF!)

   Apple Fruit Extract: A great ingredient for brightening the skin and helps boost collagen synthesis

   Date Seed/Kernel Extract: Also aids in boosting collagen synthesis, helps block free radical damage and assists in balancing skin's hormones.

   Ximenia Americana Seed Oil: Ximena (also known as yellow plum) helps soften the skin, re-enforce cell walls and is full of unsaturated fatty acids.

Intensive Skin Treatment Oil ($74.82): This is a richer oil formulated for a dry skin that's been damaged or chapped, whereas the Soothing Face Oil is better for an oilier skin type.

   Wheat Germ Oil:  This face oil's blend is Wheat Germ Oil based, a popular oil for treating eczema and psoriasis, it aids in proper skin regeneration while delivering Vitamin A and E.

   Rosehip Seed Oil: This oil helps even skin tone, is full of essential fatty acids, can aid in repairing the NMF (natural moisture factor) and is anti-inflammatory. Also contains Vitamin C which can be brightening.

   Lavender: Very soothing and repairing while helping tone the skin.

The biggest concerns with face oils are being shiny, breaking out and feeling a layer of product on your skin, when you pick the appropriate face oil your skin will be able to digest and utilize oils, meaning as long as you don't apply too much the difference won't be noticeable in an undesirable way, only healthier happier skin. It should be noted while these oils would certainly make decent beard oils we wouldn't recommend you put your beard oil over your whole face and expect the same results.