Saturday, 18 October 2014

Post Summer Skin

If you've come by the shop in the last few weeks you've probably overheard Nikki or Eliss explaining that right now is a hard time for skin. The summer humidity is now replaced with biting air and your tan starts to fade showing dreaded hyper pigmentation. In terms of treatments, now is a great time for stronger peels (because you're getting less sun exposure). A series of peels help force the skin to turn over quickly, which can help lower hyper pigmentation, and can prevent (or clear up) congestion from dehydration.

What if you hate facials, or your budget isn't facial friendly?

Well we brought in a handful of Andalou Natural's products to help you out. Their products are an easier price point and the line loves plant and fruit derived stem cells. Stem cells are repairing, anti aging and quite frankly, crush worthy. You've read about their body products in our blog post about Preventing Winter Hands. Their body lotion and wash can of course be used on your whole body for an anti ageing treatment, the products we'll be discussing today are formulated for a stronger concentration of ingredients though.

In general with treating hyper pigmentation (and congestion) you want to introduce regular exfoliation without causing trauma. Your skin will produce extra pigment when it feels attacked, or damaged, that's why you get a tan or a long standing red/dark spot with a particularly bad zit. If your cell turnover is faster is sloughs off those hyper dyed cells and your skin can pump out new cells faster, meaning there's less time for adding extra pigment. You want to follow up with antioxidant rich and hydrating ingredients.After that sunscreen is crucial. The process that treats hyper pigmentation also makes you more photosensitive.

Andalou Natural's Fruit Enzyme Mask ($25)

This mask is great for a glow while being a nice 1-3x a week exfoliant. It starts with a slight tingle that dissipates, this sensation helps increase blood flow which brings nutrients to the skin while fruit derived enzymes eat away at excess dead skin cells. It's aloe and cranberry base are absorbed by the skin as the mask dries, which hydrate and helps undo sun damage. This mask also has CoQ10, vitamin E, rosehip oil, white tea, rooibois and Manuka honey. All of these are strong anti aging, hydrating and repairing benefits..

Andalou Natural's Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask ($25)

This cocoa based mask is the skincare equivalent of brownie batter. Cocoa, glycerin (sugar), cocoa and shea butter and advocado and coconut oil. This mask is a great treatment for windburn and will leave parched skin happy. Formulated for treating depleted and aging skins to deliver deep treatment for the most tired skin.

Andalou Natural's Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum ($39)

This milky serum is packed with fruit stem cells, vitamins and invigorating but balancing oils. There's hyaluronic acid to hydrate, rosehip oil which is vitamin C strong but considered a rich balancing oil, turmeric, kelp and vitamin C which are brightening too. You'd apply this under your moisturiser or if you hate the feeling of cream, you can start by using it solo under a sunscreen. Good for day and night.

Andalou Natural's Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream ($39)

A double whammy of leave on antioxdants and brightening ingredients, this cream is formulated to work best over the Andalou serum. Rich with flax and avocado oil this cream delivers the omegas. Purple carrots, like all vegetables, their darker colour means there are more antioxidants than with the average carrot (the cream even has a naturally slightly purple hue!). This cream's ingredients include such omega rich oils, butters and healing properties that it's strong enough to keep up with winter's harsh conditions while gentle lightening summertime damage. It also smells like kid's multivitamins in the best way!

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