Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"Are You For Guys or Girls?"

Here at Saul's it's a regular occurrence for someone to pop their head in and ask if we're a spa/shop for guys or for girls. Saul's is a gender neutral spa, meaning that everyone is welcome. Somewhere down the line it became "weird" or "unmanly" for guys to practice a certain level of self maintenance. Hours at the gym? Cool. Biweekly Haircuts? Of course. All the tattoos? This is Toronto, isn't it?

When did facials get this rep of being for girls only? It certainly isn't the case in a scattering of other countries. Everyone, generally, has skin and a fair chunk of the human population enjoys relaxing (and/or neck massages).

We've of course been listed by BlogTO as one of the top ten places for male spa and salon treatments in Toronto (and we're very proud), we're also Toronto's source of BeardBrand along with Brooklyn Grooming, 1740, Hudson's Made etc. We carry our wide array of beardcare, shave gear and lovely lovely skincare. We also don't have a different service menu or girls and guys, other then some specific waxing. We actively avoid mentioning gender, because quite frankly, it doesn't really matter. We care about skin, sanitation, educating and relaxing honest services.

So are we a men's spa? Yeah, but that's not all we are. We're a spa for people (cute quieter pets are definitely welcome in the store front!) We pride ourselves in offering high quality of services without a pretentious or unwelcoming attitude. We're hopefully part of an important step forward which looks critically at the application of labels and if they're benefiting or limiting ourselves.

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