Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Are You Christmas Ready?

Shopping for the holidays can be overwhelming, luckily we have a wide variety of products available for everyone!

For Secret Santa / Under $30

Meow Meow Tweet Bar Soaps are handmade in Brooklyn. These soaps are naturally scented and contain an exfoliating component, whether it's charcoal powder, cornmeal or chunk of lemon! There's also a dog shampoo bar or beer (for the humans) shampoo bar $15

Whish has released it's limited edition Vanilla Spice body set. It contains a body wash, sugar scrub and body butter. This is Eliss' favourite scent, it reminds you of eggnog or yummy custard. $22

Persian Rose is one of our best selling candles and now we have it in body butter and roll on perfume! It's  a great scent for layering with other perfumes. Pacfica is a vegan company and ethically sources it's oils. $14

Brooklyn Grooming's Tattoo Balm is obviously great for tattoos, but we love it as a hand balm! It prevents and treats eczema and dry patches beautifully while also alleviating itchiness. The tin is easy to throw in your pocket and purse. Since it's scent free, it's a safe bet for anyone on your list.  $26 

Winter is when lips tend to get their worst, Andalou's Argan and Mint Lip Remedy is a cooling gel treatment for cracked lips. It contains stem cells which help boost healing $14

Aromatherapy Associate's Moisturising Lip Balm is the bomb (hardy har har). This is by far our favourite lip balm, you put it on at night and can still feel it in the morning. With an almost non existent scent as well, just a touch of vanilla extract, it's beautiful. You don't need to worry about drying matte lipsticks or cracked corners with this balm $24.60

Over $30

Aromatherapy Associate set of 10 miniature Bath and Shower Oils will provide an array of options for an at home treatment. You can either apply before or while in the shower or pour a bit into your bath. There's an aromatic and nourishing mixture for every mood, whether it's bedtime or before going out for the night! $60

Hudson's Made Beard and Shave Soap is perfect for a well groomed beard, you can give your beard a conditioning wash and then use the suds to clean up/shave the edges. Longer beards especially love this made in New York state soap! $31.50

Mammoth Beard Co. is one of our newer product lines, their oils are not too strongly scented and come with two options of base oil blend, Argan and Hazelnut and Hemp. Their kits come with 10ml of 3 scents (Tobacco & Rosewood, Timber and Original Cedarwood) and are nicely packaged to make a great gift! $36 for Hazelnut and Hemp oil base $41 for Argan oil base

There's of course also gift certificates, Mom made wool goods, handmade jewellery and our locally made scent sprays. Feel free to come by and we'll help you pick out the perfect present!