Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Skincare!

Ooooooh yeaaaahhhhhhh! We're getting Eminence Skincare!

Nikki and Eliss have both worked with Eminence before and love this line. It's a potent line with very targeted products, including for different types of acne. We will of course be using it along side Aromatherapy Associates, now we'll have more options for picking the very best product for your skin!

In treatment this line will work beautifully with the delicious smelling Aromatherapy Associates and let us expand into a wider variety of peels, stimulants and masks. Eminence is unique because they don't shy away from stimulating products (including ones that aren't exfoliating, which is hard to come by). They don't feel perfectly pleasant when on but will give your skin a glow afterwards, speed up healing and invigorate your skin. On the flip side both Eminence and Aromatherapy Associates perform at a level above so many other skincare lines because of their variety of soothing products for different skin types and conditions!

With summer coming up (any day now. annnnyyyy day now) you'll be excited to know that Eminence offers powder based sunscreen. There's translucent and then more foundation-esque powders. The product is easy to reapply throughout the day and popular for balding heads because it cuts down on shine - it's also an easier application for kids.

We're hoping for it's safe arrival in the next couple of weeks, you'll know when it's arrived by reports of unusual joyous shrieks that will be heard echoing around the city (or our blog, instagram and tweet updates).