Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stimulating Times!

In our post announcing Eminence skincare rolling into Saul's-ville we mentioned their line up of stimulating masks. These are treatments that feel irritating to the skin when applied, so you're probably thinking, "why the heck would I do that?" Here's some reasons:

  • Increased blood circulation will bring more nutrients to the skin, you've heard us discuss this for being a reason some people pick brushing their beard over combing it. An influx of nutrients will boost healthy and strong cell production! With appropriate post care you'll walk out with a glow
  • Insta-firming, you know the active ingredients in lip plumping solutions (paprika mainly)? Well this is that for you whole face
  • It can help detox the skin
  • All that increased blood flow will speed up the healing of breakout activity
  • Post stimulant skincare ingredients will absorb faster from the sudden skin cycle boost and blood flow being closer to the surface of the skin
  • When used the night before an event they will give you the same post facial radiance as a treatment at a spa, great for out of town happenings
Each stimulant is produced for different skin types and conditions, some are geared towards anti ageing, others are more for the treatment acenic skin types. They're not appropriate for your super sensitive or rosacea skins, so please come in and speak to us before deciding you should add paprika and cinnamon to all your skincare products!

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