Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Things Are A Changin'

It's going to happen, any day now, it will be a new season. Most people function under the assumption that with warm weather your skin will stop feeling so irritated, uneven and tight.

I wish.

This isn't the case for a lot of our clients, the increase in warm weather and humidity still leaves your skin scrambling to adjust to the new climate. Now is a vital time to pay attention to your masking and serums, while you finish your cold weather cleanser and moisturiser before switching to your warm weather product. 

It's easy to assume with the feeling of uneven skin tone and flaky skin the best step is to increase your exfoliation. When your skin is responding to a climate change, before you go to town scrubbing off all the excess skin, you want to boost your hydration and strengthen your skin's defence mechanisms.

If you're experiencing break outs we recommend Aromatherapy Associate's Rose Hydrating Gel Mask or Aromatherapy Associate's Soothing Treatment Mask, both can also be used as a base for your night time regimen. 

If you're a drier skin naturally, Aromatherapy Associate's Overnight Repair Mask, which is recommended to be used as a night cream or Andalou's Skin Food Mask (aka the brownie mask) are deeply nourishing, heavier masks that'll also provide nutrient rich oils for your skin. 

Your exfoliation method should be on the gentler side, not the "all the acid and scrubbing really hard with a wash cloth and towel." approach.  Andalou's Fruit Enzyme mask for 3-5 minutes will provide slightly stimulation while breaking down the unnecessary excess skin. The enzymatic approach means you won't need to scrub and can spot exfoliate, making it ideal for very sensitive skins that need to skip a zone (like their nose, apples of their cheeks or areas with active break out activity). 

If you'd prefer a scrub, this season is Aromatherapy Associate's Renewing Rose Exfoliating Cleanser's time to shine. It's not too abrasive with a rich creamy base, replenishing the newly exposed skin with soothing and anti-ageing ingredients. 

Our recommended approach for those going through their adjustment period is when you start feeling uneven skin texture and want to exfoliate, the first night do your appropriate mask to strengthen your skin, if you decide to sleep in the mask (definitely not an option with the Andalou Food Mask) you apply your serum under the mask, apply your mask, let the mask absorb and then apply your oil and cream over top. The next night or morning you gently exfoliate and then apply a mask afterwards to redeliver a new dose of nutrients.