Friday, 17 April 2015

Winter Bumps

With the ever warming weather people start thinking about all the skin they can't wait to show off! A lot of people are coming in with questions about bumps from ingrown hairs, KP and just general dryness. Now we don't think such typical things are worth limiting your skin showing off ways, but if you want to start treating said issues, here's what we recommend:

Cool down your showers: Hot water can really strip the skin, further dehydrating it. Cooler showers can help your skin keep it's flexibility and hydration.

Go SLS free: Which is pretty much something we say in every blog! SLS is stripping, cheap and unnecessary.

Exfoliate your skin: Regular exfoliation will help slough off the excess dead skin cells and force cell turnover. It can dislodge hardened skin cells and ingrown hairs and shove away any surface debris that is hanging on for dear life, potentially blocking the pore opening.
Sayula's Eco Friendly Mitt is a great option if you want a one time purchase for your exfoliating needs [$12]

Meow Meow Tweet Soaps are SLS free, handmade and contain exfoliating bits, making it a two in one product! [$15]

Hydrate your skin: Lots of people are great about taking care of their face, but when it comes to body... meh. It's important to use effective ingredients on your body, and this doesn't have to be expensive. Andalou's body lotions are potent and healing but only cost $16. If you hate the feeling of lotion you can always try Whish's array of body gels. They absorb quickly and smell great! 

If you shave: Shaving foams can be too alkaline for the skin, causing the pore opening to become less flexible which makes it easier for hair to have a difficult time navigating it's escape. Whish boasts a powerhouse shaving cream (that's changed Nikki's life), we also have shaving bars from Better Beard Co. and Hudson's Made. 

It's important to also not run your skin ragged with a dull razor, replace that blade! When a blade's getting old it can drag and cause extra trauma on the skin. If you find that cartridge razors are getting too expensive, try a safety razor! Replacement blades are cheap and they're a great option for body shaving as well!

Book a treatment: It's you're dealing with issues on your back, back of arms, chest or hands we can help you out with our facial treatments. For a back facial you just pick your time increment and let us know it's a back facial, it will include the back of your arms if necessary. Chest and hands is an add on to either a back or face facial!

If you have any more questions feel free to come by the shop and skincare nerd out with us!