Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I'm On Fire

Welcome to sunburn season! Those long days at the park with cans full of forgetfulness shockingly lead to less sunscreen application and increased chances of stellar burns! Here are our preventative and treatment tips:


  • put a reminder in your phone, for at least every 2 hours, to reapply sunscreen
  • buy a form of sunscreen you actually like, there are an array of matte finish sunscreens (like Eminence's Red Currant Moisturiser with SPF or Andalou's Clarifying Beauty Balm) or the very popular Mineral Defence SPF Powders from Eminence
  • keep in mind asking someone to help you apply sunscreen is a classic pick-up move
  • make the background of your phone a lobster or you when you went on vacation and turned into a lobster to remind yourself of the horrors of sunburns
  • be conscious of what's in your products, citrus essential oils, retinols and hydroxy acids (which exfoliate) make it easier to burn in the sun. Most "anti" medicines (like antibiotics, birth control [anti preg] and acne meds) make you more photosensitive. 


Alright, it happened, you're red and it hurts. When we talk about treating a sunburn our advice is strictly for run of the mill minor burns, not blisters. You can burn in the sun to the point of it's time to make a doctor's visit! With sunburns it is somewhat important to concentrate on pumping your skin full of antioxidants to help neutralize the newly introduced free radicals running amok in your derms. 

  • cool down your skin with a soft cloth soaked in a mixture of peppermint and green tea, aloe juice and milk
  • plain honey applied as a mask will soothe and hydrate the area, but is difficult to remove without leaving sticky residue that can be somewhat broken down with a body oil or lotion. So plan on showering it off, not scrubbing it off.
  • zinc based diaper rash creams can offer a lovely dose of healing zinc to soothe angry skins
  • Andalou's Aloe Mint body lotion contains nourishing oils rich in antioxidants, fruit stem cells to help restore healthy cells in your skin, aloe to hydrate and a light dose of mint to soothe the skin
  • Eminence's Stone Crop line will help prevent formation of hyper pigmentation, neutralize free radicals, soothe irritation and super hydrate with it's succulent derived ingredients. 
  • Whish's Prelude will help desensitize the skin while boosting hydration and preventing bacteria, making it a great buddy when trying to sleep at night

Post Irritation/The Peelies

This phase can be hard, because of the severe dehydration that can come with a sunburn you might be seeing an over production of oil with flaky skin... which can trigger congestion. It's important to keep in mind if you start exfoliating before the skin is adequately repaired, it may just further contribute to dehydrating the skin and undo any repairs made to your defence barriers. So put off exfoliating as long as you can stand, if your skin is still feeling very tight and reactive, then it's most likely too soon to exfoliate. 

  • use less thick products that will penetrate the skin deeper, Eminence's Neroli Age Corrective Hydrating Mist, Stonecrop mist or serum, Couperose-C Serum and Andalou's 1000 Roses Serum or Aloe and Mint Body Lotion are great options that will not increase your chances of clogging the pore opening but will deliver soothing, anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients that'll heal your skin's barriers
  • make sure your body products are SLS free to ensure you're not stripping the skin
  • don't bathe in too hot water
  • keep using sun protection! You can continue to burn in the sun! Sunblock ingredients (like Zinc and Titanium Dioxide) will help block heat from getting into the skin better then sunscreen ingredients.
  • you can slowly introduce mild exfoliation by using products with a light amount of hydroxy acids in them, like Whish's Coconut Milk AHA Body Gel or Moor's Glycolic Acid toner
  • Don't aim to get all the flaky skin off in one go, scrubbing away and adding friction to your skin will only add more heat. Products with enzymes in them, like Eminence's Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant can be a great option because even without using a scrubbing motion it'll help eat away excess dead skin cells. 
Best of luck in your healing adventures! Feel free to drop by the shop if you'd like product recommendations or to book a hydrating 30 minute facial, back facial or our new After Sun Treatment to help repair and rebalance your skin!

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