Thursday, 21 May 2015

The After Sun Treatment

Being by the park has many benefits, we are always happy when day-tipsy clients come pay us a visit, it's a constant fashion parade (someone out there is wearing a leather cowboy vest with leather tassels and we are a fan) and then we get to see the sunburns walking home at the end of the day.

Sunburns or sun induced sensitivity happens, and it sucks. We can offer you all the tools to prevent this terribleness but we know that kite flying and sunscreen regular reapplication don't always go hand in hand. That's where our new antioxidant loaded, hydrating and calming treatment comes in. 

The treatment is 60 minutes long and covers essentially from the elbows up, so the decollete (basically chest), shoulders, top of arms, face and upper back/neck. We'll do a soothing wash and series of anti-ageing/antioxidant loaded and healing masks, serums and creams. This is a great treatment for after a vacation to help undo unwanted ageing or dehydration. 

We do recommend exercising some common sense on this treatment, if you're at the point where you can't lie down on the burn or stand anyone touching you, or there's blistering, we recommend holding off on this facial. If you want extractions or exfoliation, then you want a more traditional custom facial from us. This treatment will not heal a sunburn, but it can assist in toning down redness, rehydrating the skin and rebalancing the skin which can aid in a quicker recovery.

Book this treatment and mention this blog post for the month of May 2015 and receive 10% off the treatment! (which is $105)

*this treatment does not include a beard conditioning treatment option

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