Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fast Acting Spray Tan Solution!

We are very excited to announce we are officially offering a spray tan that can be washed off in just one hour!

Norvell's One Hour Spray Tan solution is great for those who tend to go for a softer spray tan (like Fake Bake's Original formula) but don't have the time to go shower free for 6-8 hours. With this spray tan you can shower in as little as an hour, or up to 3 hours (it's very strongly recommended not to keep on past three hours). The necessary components of the solution will continue to develop in the skin after washing for up to 24 hours after application.

With the 1-3 hour solution you will generally be underwhelmed by the present colour when you take a shower, so we still recommend doing this tan 1-2 days before your main event. After 12 hours the tan will start to really show it's colour beautifully. We also will only apply this product with 1 coat, which is why it's better for those who want to look closer to a day at the dock than a week in Barbados in terms of tan.

Our clients who have concerns with their feet or hands always taking too strongly, this is great because you can decide if you want to carefully wash the tan off your hands and feet a bit earlier than everywhere else! We just recommend buffing the "edges" with a moist sponge carefully.

Until September 2015 package purchases of spray tans will include the one hour solution at no additional cost, otherwise the Rapid Tan is an additional $5.

You can request an appointment for a spray tan by clicking here!