Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's Cooling Down: Your Post Summer Skincare Guide

The last couple weeks has shown a big increase in cooling air and Toronto's movement into Autumn. This is a very popular time to start seeing extra dry lips and dehydrated skins. Dehydration can make skin appear more aged, dull or congested. Sometimes it's the part your complexion that's different but you can't quite put your finger on. In the next month or so we start seeing an increase of facials, the main concerns being that people are seeing the aging effects of summer in the sun, or that they're breaking out despite there being less humidity triggered oil production.

When we're still straddling the autumn and summer change it's a great time to start slowly introducing brightening and extra hydrating or nourishing steps in your routine. This is easiest to do with masks or serums, and with your next cleanser purchase switching from a gel to milk, basically slowly replacing "mattifying" products with hydrating products. A regular light exfoliant will make it harder for congestion to occur while lightening superficial hyper pigmentation. If you were considering doing a series of peels, we recommend to start booking for mid September!

Some products we recommend are:

Eminence's Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant ($48)

This vegan powder based exfoliant can be used on it's own (mixed with water or a toner) or mixed into a masque or your cleanser. It's a gentle exfoliant that'll help boost cell renewal with buffing rice starch and chick pea flour, while lactic acid helps break apart what's binding excess dead skin cells. 

Andalou Natural's Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask ($25)

This cocoa based mask is the skincare equivalent of brownie batter. Cocoa, glycerin (sugar), cocoa and shea butter and advocado and coconut oil. This mask is a great treatment for windburn and will leave parched skin happy. Formulated for treating depleted and aging skins to deliver deep treatment for the most tired skin.

Eminence Stone Crop Line

From gel cleanser to moisturizer this line contains a deep hydrating and brightening Stone Crop extract. Nikki has seen clients hyper pigmentation lighten even with just the use of the Stone Crop toner daily. The deep hydrating action also helps boost the skin's protective and healing abilities, lowering the chances of post trauma hyper pigmentation.

Aromatherapy Associate's Face Oils

Aromatherapy Associates has 5 different face oils that we love, the appropriate face oil for your skin type can completely boost your regimen. If you have quite a bit of mattifying / summer product you want to finish before replacing then you can add the oil to increase it's nourishing factor. They can be a great overnight treatment or used daily as a light layer between serum and moisturizer. A lighter balancing face oil will help cut through excess oil production and keep your skin appearing less shiny throughout the day. A little goes a long way with these and gives your skin the tools it needs to re-fortify.