Thursday, 5 November 2015

Barber's Brew Grooming Co. Our Newest Beardy Line!

We're very happy to announce we are now carrying another Toronto made line of beard products, Barber's Brew Grooming Co.!

They boast four lovely scents, a beard balm and a moustache wax. Their base blend is a beaut, it starts strong with super rich argan oil and contains avocado oil! Avocado carrier oil is scentless, full of fantastic Essential Fatty Acids, it also absorbs effortlessly to nourish the hair and sooth irritated skin.

Their scents break free of the typical beard scent blends and are well balanced with ever so slightly more robust essential oils. The scents offered are:

Spiced Pomelo - Grapefruit, bay laurel, cinnamon and frankincense

This is the grown up beardbrand Spiced Citrus in our opinion. Frankincense is also fantastically anti-ageing, this scent has a great woodsy spicy undertone with zing of a tart grapefruit!

Amalfi CoastBergamot, rosewood, clary sage and patchouli

This is a multi-faceted scent, great for people who lean towards Better Beard Co.'s Anarchy or Viking scent. It can have a touch of a rich woodsy tea scent without being too sweet.

West Indian Lime - Lime, ginger, bay laurel and black pepper

It's like a Tom Collins with just a bit of spice and a heavy handed gin pour.

Bulgarian Lavender - Lavender, blood orange and patchouli

Easily Eliss' favourite scent, lavender essential oil is supposed to be a cleansing oil, which is great but sometimes the scent can be a bit soap-y. The blood orange helps alleviate that heaviness while the patchouli adds a soothing undertone

These products are already on the shelf for you to try or purchase, the oils come in generous 30ml for $25, beard balm (in Bulgarian Lavender) is 1oz for $16 and the moustache wax (also in Bulgarian Lavender) is 15ml for $12 !