Thursday, 31 March 2016

Warm Weather Skincare and New Products

The season is shifting, which makes now the perfect time to come in for a custom skincare treatment to help reboot your skin and start thinking about new skincare options for the change in conditions.

As you know your skin type (sensitive, dry, normal, oily and combo) cannot change beyond slowing down oil production from aging whereas conditions of the skin (dehydration, acne, congestion, sensitized, hyper pigmentation) can be treated and change base on things like environment and lifestyle. When the weather changes you might start seeing your skin act differently, that's why it's important to shift your products to accommodate this, we certainly change up our stock in anticipation!

So here is a quick introduction to some new skincare products you might see at the shop:

Earth's Care Acne Spot Treatment ($25):

This spot treatment has two active/potent ingredients, Sulphur and Colloidal Oatmeal. Sulphur is often used for treatment of acne, eczema and dandruff. It helps dry up the zit while fighting bacteria and the original clog. While it does noticeably stink it's worth it for the overnight change it can do to break out activity. Colloidal Oatmeal on the other hand will help even more with soothing the skin and taking down redness. This treatment is recommended to be used like a mask on the trouble areas, simply applying for a few minutes and rinsing off before applying your usual skincare regimen. It also works well for ingrown hairs or follicle irritation!

Eminence's Red Currant Balancing Serum Concentrate ($58):

The Red Currant line from Eminence is formulated for more adult acne/congestion, meaning they've mixed balancing ingredients with anti-ageing powerhouses. This serum will feel cooling upon application, thanks in part to it's controlled release encapsulated tea tree oil, and boost your skin with antioxidants. This is the perfect morning serum to Bamboo Firming Fluid if you're worried about increased oil production and break out with the warm months!

Eminence's Youth Shield Starter Set ($58):

Youth Shield Complex is one of the active ingredients in the Red Currant Balancing line. This kit contains a month's (according to them) worth of their Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser, Red Currant Rapid Infusion Masque, Red Currant Balancing Serum Concentrate and Red Currant Protective Moisturizer with SPF 30. These kits are great for introducing during season changes because you'll get to try out multiple products without having to pay full price for them. All the products will most likely run out at different times and you can decide from there if you'd like to try a full size of them. The introduction of softer ingredients to prevent congestion and break out will help boost your skin while balancing out your oil production with the humidity and heat.

Eminence's Clear Skin Starter Set ($58):

Much like the other Starter Set's this is (according to Eminence) a month of product but can last a whole season when being used with other skincare. The Clear Skin line is a stronger approach to break outs than the Youth Shield Starter set, it also slightly less anti-ageing heavy. The Clear Skin line is not one that is usually necessary for people to use life long, barring one or two products (like always having the masque or serum on hand). Having practically the whole line available to you in smaller sizes can help you nip what feels like severe break out activity in the bud. The Clear Skin Masque makes a great overnight treatment layered over the serum, it's also cooling which helps takes down reddness, while the Clear Skin Moisturizer could be mixed with your regular moisturizer for a light dose of congestion fighting and mattifying ingredients.

Eminence's Thermal Spring Whip ($54):

Before the Clear Skin Moisturizer there was Thermal Spring Whip! Why is that a selling point? Because it's the perfect moisturizer for when when Clear Skin just doesn't feel rich enough, or your acne isn't as present an issue as it was when you started Clear Skin (which let's face it, it won't be. Clear Skin is amazing). This lightweight moisturizer contains cooling mint, soothing mineral salts and sulphur from the Hungarian thermal water! You've already read what that means!

Eminence's The Beyond Organic Collection Set ($118)

This set is a box of NINE very potent, very concentrated, highly notable products. These products are made with Demeter Certified Biodynamic Ingredients and the first (and Eminence says only) Demeter International Globally Certified Organic Skin and Body Care Line from Hungary. The production of the line is also powered by Wind Power Energy. So what does that mean to you (beyond being more expensive than the rest of the Eminence range)?

These products are extremely soothing and hydrating and highly recommended for when your body is going through a rough patch or you are extremely sensitive. These are great products for someone going through radiation and/or chemotherapy, not only will they truly soothe and protect the skin, their scent is very soft (think unscented baby products) and won't introduce a new chemical to the body.

 This set is actually a steal because of the nine products included (which are the Lemon Grass Cleanser, Hawthorn Tonique, Radish Seed Refining Peel, Primrose & Melon Balancing Masque, Yellow Sweet Clover Masque, Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream, Echinacea Recovery Cream, Quince Nourishing Body Lotion and the Bearberry Eye Cream) but the fact the Bearberry Eye Cream in this set is the full size, meaning you're paying about $39 more to try out 8 extra products. The important thing to keep in mind with this line is it's potency, it is a huge waste of money to not really dilute these products with water before application.

Why is this line considered a warm weather product? While the rest of the products mentioned has been more about treating increased oil production and preventing break outs (which is something offered in the Biodynamic line as well), this line is extremely beneficial to skins that really respond negatively to the increase in heat and sun exposure, especially those with sun allergies. It's also a popular package for people who are aiming for life and body detox.

So when you see your latest product is near it's end keep in mind that soon it's going to be hot, muggy and possibly patio drink filled times so a switch up in products can make a huge difference in your glow! Feel free to pay us a visit and we'll be happy to treat your concerns and answer any questions you might have!