Thursday, 20 October 2016

Skip The Itchy Back This Winter!

We have a new treatment for this cold season! A more simplified version of the back facial, we're offering a relaxing, warming cozy back treatment to help deal with the cooling weather and drier air. 

We, of course, still have our Custom Skincare Back Treatments, but with this treatment there's more concentration on strictly rehydrating the skin on your back, alleviating any itchiness or dry/tight feeling and helping relax the muscles from hunching to brace against the gross weather. All for only $48

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Wish you could get some extra massage? Or just a massage without the custom skincare treatment? You can now book a stand alone massage with (non RMT) Tereska! Get a beautiful 25 minute scalp, neck and shoulder, hand and arm or back massage! Or you can add extra back massage (to back treatments), scalp massage or up to 20 minutes of additional massage starting at $15-40. 

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