Saturday, 4 February 2017

Winter Skin

Can you feel it? Of course you can! This weather is blustery, cold and harsh for your skin. Now is when we expect walk in customers for their poor frazzled skin, and new clients booking themselves Custom Skincare Treatments! Somethings you can do in the mean time to help deal with angry skin are:

1) Mask Up - masks are great supplementary sources of nourishment for skin, like taking extra vitamins when you're feeling under the weather. It can be hard to find time to add masks to your life, check out our Masking Blog for suggestions. Even using honey as a mask can help boost your skins well being!  

2) Add A Serum - a lot of customers tell us their moisturiser isn't enough, sometimes the game changer is adding a humectant filled serum. While moisturisers tend to have more yummy fats and protective ingredients, serums are meant be super absorbed by your skin, delivering active ingredients deeper into your epidermis. Serum is also one of the fastest ways to deal with dehydration, which we all know is a real bugger to deal with. 

3) Add A Face Oil - if you're still trying to finish off your warm weather / lighter moisturiser, then adding a face oil can help bulk up your product giving your skin a richer experience

4) Don't Skip All Exfoliating (in some cases) - it's easy to feel less oily and smoggy in the cold weather, leading to less exfoliating for the cold months. Build up of dead skin cells can interrupt the absorption of your wonderful products and lead to excessive congestion. Please keep in mind it's important you're not exfoliating chapped vulnerable skin, or using an too aggressive product to remove dead skin cells.

5) Change Up Your Cleanser - while you might love your gel cleanser in the summer, switching to a creamy or milky gel cleanser in the winter will make sure you're not removing naturally occurring oils when you need it most. This is also a great season to add an oil cleanser step for removing makeup. We cannot stress enough how detrimental aggressive make up removing wipes can be in this weather. 

6) Don't Have the Hottest Showers Ever - Even just switching to the hottest bath ever will be better for the skin on your face, that being said, we don't expect anyone to give up a life luxury just for their skin. We have to list this as professionals though

7) Don't Skip Sunscreen - you are still being exposed to UV rays, sometimes twice over from reflecting off snow. You want to be keeping your skin as strong as possible, unnecessary exposure to UV rays will have to opposite effect. This also means that a Vitamin D oral supplement is a strongly preferred source than a tanning bed. 

If you're looking for any product recommendations or want to book a Custom Skincare Treatment (even 30 minutes can make a big difference) swing by the shop or give us a call/text or email and we'll be happy to help!