Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Spend those Benefits!

Book a service with Ann Pfeifer, our Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and at your appointment she will give you a promo code to get half off your Custom Skincare Treatment that's valid from Oct. 1 - November 15th 2017!*

While not all her services qualify for coverage under Extended Benefits plans, you can contact her and book a complimentary 15 Minute Consultation to answer any questions about your service and the receipt. Her services cover a wide array of concerns including:

✨ Eczema ✨

✨ Cellulite & Stretch Marks 

✨ Scarring 

✨ Wrinkles and Ageing 

✨ Skin Health and Diet 

✨ Hormone Levels 

✨ Insomnia 

✨ Hair Loss 

This special is only valid with a paid treatment with Ann at Saul's Beauty Shop, not a complimentary consultation, between Oct. 1st - 20th. 

* Promo code is only valid for one treatment per client and 
is non transferable, so must be used by the same client
who saw Ann Pfeifer. Skincare services do not include
Custom Back Skincare Treatments.