Sunday, 10 December 2017

Gift Guide from Saul's

Holiday shopping can be a challenge, luckily everyone you know probably has skin! We also carry beard care and bath&body products. Support small businesses this holiday season!

Our Beard Gift Box comes with:
⬖ 2 oz. Beard Wash Concentrate
⬖ 2 oz. Beard Conditioner 
⬖ 2 oz. Beard Oil

This gift set is mineral oil, petroleum and fragrance oil free! There are five different essential oil blend scent options, giving your tons of options for the pickiest nose

If purchased with a Custom Skincare Treatment (our Beard Conditioning Treatment is automatically included!) or a Beard Conditioning Treatment Gift Certificate, you'll get 15% off your gift certificate!

Eminence's Organic Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm is spectacular for everyone in the harsh winter months! This balm is extremely healing (great for eczema, rough or raw spots, corner of lips cracks etc.) , anti ageing and protective. We love this balm for shielding skin on harsh windy days (or when doing those outdoor sports... which we don't do), keeping things supple in over-heated / dry air environments (like airplanes and offices), after a peel or cosmetic acupuncture & as an an overnight lip treatment! 

These body scrub powders are perfect for making your favourite body wash a body scrub as well! Sugar scrubs can be annoying because of their melting action (I know, I know, glycolic acid blah blah, it's scrub time! Not chemical peel time!), these dry powders can also be used with water to make an extra scrubby paste. We really really really strongly recommend only using them on body body, they're too strong for the face. 

Epic Blend's Body Lotions are made in B.C. and smell AMAZING. These body lotions are mineral oil and petroleum free - they also have a "don't stick to your jeans and you can open a door knob" finish while still hydrating your skin and eliminating itchiness!

Really Great Good's Epsom Salts are scented by essential oils, they're a wonderful throw in for just $7.50 and look gorgeous in their glass bottles. They're made in Toronto and come in three different scents! Lavender Lime is our favourite

Epic Blend's Coconut Milk Soak smells EVEN BETTER than you think! This all natural, non cloying, coconut scent comes in 2 different sizes, including a tub. This fatty milk can soothe dry angry skin, making a great bath addition in the winter or for sunburns!

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Not sure the Beard Gift Box is the right fit? We have a wide array of Canadian Beard Oil, Beard Wash and Beard Balm products including from Peregrine Supply Co., Barber's Brew and Mammoth Beard Co. Check our Canada's hottest beard gifts all in Toronto!