Friday, 26 January 2018

How Does Stress Affect the Skin

Oh stress - so much fun! We all know stress can affect your body in multiple ways including: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, irritability, becoming prone to over indulgence (Mmmm extra fries, followed by extra cookies and a little ice cream closer), digestive issues and fatigue. We see a lot of clients when they're quite a bit into a stressful period in their life, and the stress is starting to show on their skin.

Why does stress show on the skin? There are a few reasons:

  • Stress can cause your hormones to go a bit crazy resulting in potential acne, hives, psoriasis, eczema and thinning of skin. Acne & eczema is the biggest one we see

  • Digestive issues can lead to fluid balance issues, long term this can results in dehydration in the skin which boosts the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • When your body is under consistent stress essential nutrients get allocated to your vital organs which can result in slowed down skin renewal

  • The telomere length of your DNA can shorten. A whatsa-mere? We know we have some clients who know and could explain this much better than us, but nonetheless here we go! The telomere is critical for cell division, it ensures that the cells divide without losing quality so to speak. Telomere's are the cap on the end of your DNA strand- having the cap is critical to making sure chromosome ends don't fuse together or become damaged to the point of creating a damaged or screw cell which can wreak havoc in your tissue. 

Why are we writing this article that clearly boosts your stress levels just reading it? Because you don't have to wait until you're seeing the affects of stress on your skin to see us. We can help you once you start feeling stress.

Our Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist Elizabeth can help re-balance through acupuncture and herbal detoxes, which will benefits your hormone levels, digestion and potentially give your body a break from fight or flight mode. She can also teach your home self care rituals like GuaSha. Regularly taking the time to practice self care, especially easy repetitive movements with visible results can help reduce stress and promote feelings of content-ness

See our level 2 Reiki Technician Surani. Terms like "energy healing" or Reiki isn't for everyone, sometimes it can feel like a big pill to swallow. Eliss will tell anyone who asks it felt amazing and really boosted her energy levels and felt like the best more restful nap without ever actually falling asleep. Not sure you believe in Reiki? We offer 30 minute treatments for just $40, you can see if you really feel the difference for yourself.

Get a Massage. You don't realize how much tension you're holding into your muscles until it's gone. Massage can help release serotonin and dopamine (feel good chemicals) and help lower blood pressure. You'll also go home learning beneficial stretches or way you can make your bed healthier for your body, giving you more healing self care rituals to practice that don't occupy a lot of time. 

Self Care Rituals - we mention them a few times in this post. We're afraid we don't have a Lithuanian word we can try to make some trendy instagram post about a new "stop doing chores and chill out". That being said, skincare can make a nice excuse to spend a couple extra minutes in the washroom just sitting around and relaxing. Masks don't have to be on more than 6 minutes for your skin get results!