Sunday, 4 March 2018

Get Ready For Spring

The snow is (alarmingly) already gone, it's raining instead of snowing and we're seeing sun light after 5pm! The seasons are a changin' and so will your skin and self care regimens. To help you get ready we have some helpful suggestions of things to be mindful for the next couple months.


If you are a warm weather waxer then every year you might forget that your first wax or two can be kind  of "meh". Waxing is supposed to force (or fake) the "death" of the hair - by doing it on a regular schedule the majority of your growth in the area you wax can sync up. When you wax only 4-ish months of the year, the dormant periods can have your hair change it's cycles. That means your first time back to waxing can have less smooth immediate results and faster grow back. We recommend starting your waxing in March or April so come the summer you're seeing longer results between appointments. 

Beard Care

If you're a summer bearder (yay!) then you'll want to keep in mind that beard oil with citrus essential oils can increase sun highlights in your beard (it's your call on whether that's a win or not). You also don't have to completely abandon your balm in warm months, some people find the beeswax a nice weight for calming down humidity frizz, but typically you don't need to layer products. So if you are layering beard balm over your beard oil - you might want to switch to just balm in the morning and just oil at night. 


In Spa 

April is the very latest we can recommend doing a peel series. The Yam and Pumpkin Peel Series is a great idea to start in March to help skip the awkward season change skin freak out, tone down hyper pigmentation and undo congestion. It'll help get you ready to skip your makeup and be nice a barefaced for the hot weather. This is also a good time to think about any body acne treatments you want, as it's easier to keep a sweater on / your skin covered from the sun while you're still fresh from the peel treatment. As per usual, if you're a bare minimum facial person we always recommend coming in for a facial during the season change, especially if you're prepping to switch to your warm weather skincare products!
Results from one 60 min. Back Custom Skincare Treatment

At Home

You should be changing some of your skincare products for the season. Some typical changes are:
  • more sunscreen
  • lighter moisturizers
  • not so creamy cleansers (more gels and light foaming action)
  • more exfoliation
  • a detox mask
We highly recommend considering an oil cleanser as your first cleansing step during the summer. The Stonecrop Cleansing oil will help undo damage from increased exposure to the sun and smog, break down sunscreen easier and oil cleansing can help with excess oil production without stripping your skin. You want to think about skincare products to help support your skin with the extra exposure to city pollution and sun from being outside. March and April are good times to bump the Vitamin C (yay Kale and Citrus Mask!) and brightening steps, after that with the weekends at the park and long walks home you want to be very conscious of sun protection if you continue with highly stabilized Vitamin C or brightening ingredients as they will make you photosensitive. One popular in the summer option is Eminence's SPF 30 Sunscreen Powders, they help top up your sun protection without making you shiny or messing with your makeup.