Saturday, 7 July 2018

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture...what is it?

Written by: Leah I. Meltz R.Ac, H.BSc Saul's Registered Acupuncturist Extraordinaire 

Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese Medicine which involves inserting needles into specific
locations (acupoints) on the body for the prevention and treatment of injury and disease.
More than acupuncture alone, Chinese Medicine includes the practices of: cupping, gua sha, tui
na, diet therapy and herbal medicine. All can be used independently or alongside acupuncture.

Chinese Medicine Basics

The human body is amazing. Our organs, muscles and tissues work in harmony dependent on
each other to keep us going day-to-day.
Often, we think about the brain and nervous system connecting our body... but this is a
relatively modern concept. Long before our modern understanding of the body Chinese
Medicine developed meridian theory to describe how the body is connected.

Ummm, What’s a Meridian?
Meridians “are the links between acupoints providing
channels for Qi and Blood to move throughout the
body”, they connect the organs, muscles and tissues of
the body into an integrated whole.

And This is Important Because?
Disease in Chinese Medicine develops due to a blockage
or change in the natural movement of Qi and Blood
throughout the meridian system. Acupuncture is used to
correct the irregular flow of Qi and Blood.

Qi and Blood You Say?
Qi can be described in two main ways:
1- As the “fundamental substance constituting the universe”.
2- And as “the essential substances of the human body which maintains its vital activities
and the functional activities of the organs and tissues”.
Blood in Chinese Medicine travels through the blood vessels and meridians to “nourish and
moisten the various tissues and organs of the body”.

The functions of Qi and Blood are closely related and are important to understand disease
development and treatment according to Chinese Medicine.

Sum It Up For Me...

Meridians, acupoints, Qi and Blood form the foundations of Chinese Medical theory.
Acupuncture is used to keep our body’s Qi and Blood flowing unimpeded through the meridians
for prevention and treatment of disease.
Treatment involves analyzing the patterns of Qi and Blood movement within the whole body
and developing a treatment plan to meet the patient’s individual needs.

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