Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Do You Want A Free Mini Face Peel?

September is going to be an exciting one for us at Saul's! Eminence is releasing a new fantastic Acne Fighting Collection and with it a new Salicylic Acid Peel! 

This peel is different from the Yam and Pumpkin (also gorgeous) as it targets congestion and break out activity more, while the Yam and Pumpkin is more brightening & tightening. 

The Advance Acne Peel series is also going to be a bit stronger feeling, which means you might see more flakiness a couple days after your peel. It's a similar structure to the Yam & Pumpkin Series. It is 4 services which we recommend you complete weekly. Each service is approximately 25-30 min. long. The ideal time to complete this series is before harsh weather conditions, whether it's harsh winter or bright summer. You will be more photosensitive when doing this service.

We don't recommend this service for those on any prescription acne medicine or retinol, those pregnant (or trying to conceive, just in case), those who have been on a prescription retinol or AHA or BHA within 14 days or Accutane within a year. 

All 4 services are purchased at once and never expire for just $230

We are also offering this series for your back! Yes! The Bacne Peel Series is $310

This Series will be available starting in October. 


We are so excited for this new Eminence collection (there's finally a sulfur mask!!) that we are offering a free Mini Peel (to be completed with an appointment Oct. 16-19th) when you pre purchase ANY of the the Advance Acne Products (including their Advanced Acne Kit which includes all 3 products, full size, for just $156). You can also receive this deal if you pre-purchase an Eminence VitaSkin Starter Set (that's the Bright, Calm, Clear or Firm skin one month supply. Each kit is just $58 + tax)

You can also pre purchase the Advanced Acne Kit + The Advanced Acne Peel Series for just $341 (saving $45!)

Or Pre Purchase a VitaSkin Kit and the Yam and Pumpkin Peel series for just $268 (saving $35!)

The Peel series will never expire, you can use it whenever works best for you! All kits must be pre purchased by September 15 2018.

The Advanced Acne Foaming Cleanser is $52

The amazing non stinky sulfur Advance Acne Mask is $70

The hydrating and brightening congestion fighitng with Salicylic Acid Hydrator is $74

Call, email, come into the shop or text to preorder your product!