Sunday, 28 October 2018

What is Reiki?

Have you met our amazing Reiki Practitioner Surani Perera? Surani is a level 2 Reiki Practitioner who loves spreading the good balancing energy of Reiki to those who are interested! She's also a huge fan of retro vinyls (you might have caught her hosting at Lucky Shrike Bar), vintage shopping and delicious recipes. (click here to check out her instagram!)
We asked Surani to write a post for our clients to introduce them to Reiki,

Saul’s Beauty shop offers so many wonderful services for taking care of your body in a variety of aspects. Self love and self care is the new black. People are shifting back to remembering that we are all so precious, and taking good care of ourselves, is the best way we can be able to better love those who are near and dear to us. Taking care of and nurturing children can come naturally to us, but sometimes we forget that we too need to be nurtured in order to live our best life. Saul’s Beauty Shop also offers Reiki, which is an ancient practice that is now gaining popularity, amongst celebrities, Athletes, CEO's, and others seeking a holistic way to bring deep relaxation into their lives, in order to restore the body to its natural state of balance. When the body is in balance, it is able to better heal and repair itself.

Reiki is a gentle, non invasive treatment that involves the Reiki Practitioner placing their hands lightly on different positions of the recipient’s body for a few minutes in each position. It helps promote the circulation of energy within the body by releasing blockages caused by stress, tension, illness, injury, etc. Reiki feels different for everyone who experiences it, but the common denominator is that it is deeply relaxing. Reiki can give you a break from your body and mind, so you can relax, recharge, and feel radiant from the inside out. If you would like to read more about Reiki, here is an article that appeared in The Reiki Times. However there are several books, and articles available in print and online for those seeking a deeper understanding of Reiki. (click here to check out an example)  I personally do Reiki on myself as a part of my morning routine. To me, it is a balancing and relaxing way to start my day. If you would like to experience Reiki, feel free to book an appointment with me, Surani, at Saul’s Beauty Shop.

This short video gives a simple explanation of Reiki

A couple of treatments before and over the holidays, can be a great way to help keep you in balance as the world around you seems to get busier. I hope you are presented with plenty of opportunities to rest, relax and nurture yourself.

Have yourself a lovely day.
Surani Perera Reiki Practitioner at Saul’s Beauty Shop

For the month of November all 60 Minute Reiki Sessions are only $50! That's a $25 savings!

The special is automatically added at cashout but is not applicable with any other specials. Special is only applicable to services completed in November.

Reiki is available at Saul's Beauty Shop on Tuesdays and Fridays