Saturday, 26 January 2019

Local Love Raffle

Maybe this is the year you decided to cut down on visits to local cafes, you bought your espresso maker or bag of matcha and had all the intentions bbuutttttt at the end of the day you can't play Ella's or OMG Bakery + Cafe like that! Well don't worry, we got your back.
While you continue to practice some extra Local Love for Du-West small businesses, we will too!

 Come into the shop on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday with proof of purchase from a local independent (aka not a chain like Starbucks, Tim Hortons etc.) cafe and get a free raffle ticket to win a free 60 Minute Custom Skincare Treatment! You don't have to purchase anything or pretend to politely browse, just show up with your proof of purchase and fill out your raffle ticket!

Proof of purchase includes a takeaway cup, treats bag or receipt. You can enter 1x a day (as long as you have a proof of purchase) starting Saturday Jan 26th - February 15 2019! 

The winner will be contacted by email February 19 2019