Saturday, 16 February 2019

Free Lash Tint Gift With Purchase

Get a free lash tint with your Mask purchase!

Purchase an Eminence Skincare Facial Mask (including stimulating or exfoliating masks) and get a voucher for a free lash tint!

How does it work?

Simply purchase an Eminence Organic Skincare Mask in February or March and you’ll receive a voucher for a free lash tint- appointments are available for your free Lash Tint in February or March only. The voucher cannot be used towards a gift certificate or the balance towards other services.

What’s a lash tint?
Lash tints use an ophthalmologist tested demi-dye to darken your lashes. You can go for commercial black (so a blue black, which appear darker than naturally dark lashes), a softer black, dark brown or even some really blonde clients before to do a lightened ashey tone. It’s one of those steps a lot of our clients love to do when they find the only reason they wear mascara is for the colour switch.

We can’t stress enough, this service is not just for ladies. Clients of all identifiers are regulars for lash tints, they can be dramatic or just a nice subtle shift that boosts happiness and confidence!

The process takes approximately 20 minutes, when you leave the tint is in your lashes for keeps- There’s absolutely no post care necessary, and the colour typically lasts until your lashes replace themselves (so about 6-8 weeks).

We recommend not wearing contacts during this treatment and contraindications would be: extremely watery eyes (like constant, even when lying down in a dim room), eye rosacea, very sensitive or eczema around the eyes, going into the lash follicles. Tints can also be performed before the application of lash extensions!  

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