Friday, 19 July 2019

When You Support Saul's

In the land of brand stories, marketing agencies and foreign investors - it can be hard to know when you're supporting a business who's origin and starters you identify with, or ones that created a great tale. 

Saul's was opened in 2014 by Eliss Halina. Eliss had nearly a decade of experience in many spas as an esthetician. She had experienced spas where staff weren't given a schedule, "you'll finish when your bookings finish", ones that made it so difficult to take a sick day she had to give a rib x-ray from coughing pains as a sick note, ones where they only considered non-female presenting clientele when they plateau-d on growth and ones where a brazilian wax was sometimes expected to be done in as little as 8 minutes (ouch). She quickly realized the space that felt most fulfilling to work in was a technician run small spa, where you're never triple booked, you don't need to carry a cheat sheet to remember your client's name cause you're so rushed and clients felt respected and appreciated. It became very obvious to her that there was also a need for a safe nurturing space for all people, not just female presenting.

Saul's was opened to help remove some of the pretentiousness and ridiculousness put into the beauty and self maintenance world. We believe in helping people with their skin, not their gender-ed skin. We also don't want to create a space where people feel judged for not having time to particularly care about shopping around to find their perfect cream, or knowing exactly what's the right brow shape for them - Busy people delegate, you can delegate these decisions to us.  

We also believe in a healthy work place. You'll see that we close on the Saturdays of long weekends, we have some non traditional schedules for employees who need flexibility and we even have our clients sign that they agree our employees deserve a safe work environment, so they're aware they will be asked to leave if they don't uphold that basic standard. There isn't a uniform at work, as each of our staff are individuals. Our employees also receive health benefits and can take sick days, and holidays, without getting a guilt trip. 

You might be reading this and going, "yeah this is the same stuff marketing companies write up all the time" I hear ya, but it's actually me, Eliss, writing this. I'm also the one updating the software, trying to keep up on insta (I'm sorry people who DM us! I don't always get a notification!), doing the orders, making our graphics and likely doing at least one service on you. I love it, well except the accounting stuff, I love having time to really chat with my clients and learn about them, I love seeing someone escape their acne struggles (I've dealt with acne my whole life), I love fixing up things at the shop, I love all of it. Please know when you support Saul's you're supporting the business a single Toronto woman started at 25 years old, who was lucky enough to have a wicked warm family behind her while she took a ridiculous leap out of working for someone else in hopes of creating a safe space for estheticians and esthetics.