Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Be Ready For Autumn

When the season changes your skin lives in a different environment. As Fall weather roles in there's a lack of exposure to humid conditions, occasional harsh winds, change in sun exposure and lifestyle changes. People tend to sleep more during the fall, eat more carbs and consume alcohol (if they do) differently.

The good news is you can undo damage from the summer with a peel series! We offer 3 different peel series with 2 different active ingredients. Each peel series includes 4 treatments that are ideally booked 1x a week. Each week we can then go a little bit stronger without triggering redness, irritation or any negative appearance that can be associated with peels. Most clients let us know from the first treatment friends or coworkers complimented their skin.

The Yam and Pumpkin Peel series is ideal for a client looking to:
  • dramatically firm and tighten
  • brighten hyper pigmentation
  • minimize the appearance of very fine lines
  • strengthen capillary walls
  • boost collagen production
This peel series is not available for those currently using prescription acne medications, retinols or steroid creams

We absolutely adore pairing this peel with the Bright Skin spf. and any of the Age Corrective line.

The Salicylic Acid Peel Series is available as a face skincare treatment or back skincare treatment! This peel is ideal for a client struggling with:
  • congestion
  • post breakout hyper pigmentation
  • lackluster, polluted feeling skin
  • breakouts and acne but also concerns about aging
This peel is not available for those who are currently pregnant or using prescription acne medications, retinols or steroid creams.

We love pairing this peel series with Eminence's stimulating masks, Clear Skin Products & the Eight Greens (for hormonal acne and firming) Line