Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Monthly Facial Membership Sale

Wouldn't it be great if you could just delegate away all the annoying societal pressures that take days of studying to achieve if not genetically and/or financially blessed?

With this membership you can put all the pressure to fight the signs of ageing, never have a zit and figure out exactly what your skin wants with each life altering season to glow it's butt off on us. All you gotta do is come in regularly, enjoy your neck and shoulder massage and maintain the basic skincare routine (which we'll walk you through, even if it's via email) at home. 

Our Monthly Facial Memberships mean 1x a month your credit card on file is charged a discounted rate, in return you receive a 45 or 60 min. Custom Skincare Treatment on file. If you're in our 12 month program, you have 24 months to use this service, if you're in our 6 month program, you have 12 months to use your service. These services are non-transferable, but can be upgraded to our Back Skincare Treatment if desired (you just pay the difference). You simply book your appointments as you desire, just like normal, but we'll have a service on file for you.

If you start a 12 month membership for either the 45 min. or 60 min. facial between October 26-November 5th your first month (and therefore facial) will be an additional 40% off!! Remember each month is already a discounted charge from the usual facial, so that's massive saving! This sale is online only and not applicable with any other specials or discounts.

12 x 45 min. Custom Skincare Treatments is $77 a month for 12 months (a $20 savings!)

With this sale your first month is only $46.50 for a 45 min. Custom Skincare Treatment!

12 x 60 min. Custom Skincare Treatments is $90 a month for 12 months (a $22 savings!) 

With this sale your first month is only $54 for a 60 min. Custom Skincare Treatment!