Thursday, 3 October 2019

Season Changes & Your Skin

With cooling weather sneaking in, now is when skin starts to become less predictable. 

While your skin type (oily, normal, combo, dry or sensitive) never changes, so you work with it, your conditions (hyper pigmentation, dehydration, sensitized, break out activity) can (and usually do) change. Most season changes really heighten your dehydration levels, which can lead to your skin feeling more sensitized, un-even texture and the super fun, "my skin is so tight AND oily at the same time!". This is part of why we recommend clients book themselves a Custom Skincare Treatment at least during the start of seasonal changes (especially if you're thinking about growing a beard). 

We also recommend not using the exact same skincare regimen in the cooler months as the warm months. While we don't want you abandoning exfoliation, sun protection or breakout preventing steps, the product you use to hit that target, or the frequency of these steps could change. For example clients who love Red Currant Mattifying SPF from Eminence in the summer, could see better benefits some the Bright Skin SPF (still slightly matte) or the hydrating dewy-ness of Tropical Vanilla SPF for dealing with drying heating systems and harsh winds. A lot of more sensitive skin clients will use their dermafoliant more as a mask rather than physical exfoliant (or switch to gentler mask exfoliation in general like the Rosehip & Maize or Yam and Pumpkin 5% exfoliating mask). We also see clients add on the "zit zapper" step more frequently for brow or lash treatments (just $4.50 for a high frequency zap on trouble zones).  For increasing hydration serum is the most effective and potent step, regularly masking and gentler cleanser are helpful too. 

Fall and Winter influence your body's wants and desires, people usually eat more carbs, sleep more and spend less time walking around. Keep in mind how happy your stomach is feeling with changes in diet and we recommend changing or washing your pillow cases more frequently if you're spending an extra hour or two in bed. If you realize you want to add more gym into your life, be conscious of washing your face right after work outs, having a couple frequently washed sportswear options to prevent back break outs and even wearing a sweat band to help prevent hair product from sweating down your face and clogging pores. Now is a great time to get souping or more tea in your life! We all know that things like green or white tea, bone broth, peppermint tea, ginger tea and miso soup aid many body types in their digestion, which can reflect in your skin. 

Fall also brings in the option of Peel series to undo summer damage, you can learn more about our peels by clicking here

If you want to help your skin transition easily, book even just a 30 min. Custom Skinare Treatment with us! Click here to book now