Sunday, 1 December 2019

Bring Meditation to Your Life

Do you keep hearing about meditation and find yourself going, "wow that sounds great! I gotta try that!" while in no way finding the time or guidance to give it a whirl? We hear you! We're trying to make it easier with our newest facial add ons.

Your options include:

Pre-Custom Skincare Treatment 10 min. Meditation

Before we start your skincare service, while you lie cozy in our pre-heated facial bed, we'll play a guided meditation while helping you relax with massage and encouraging breaths.  ($18)

During Treatment Guided Meditation
In place of our usual tunes we'll play a guided meditation to you help unwind even further, glowing from inside out ($5)

Post Treatment Meditation
Warm your way back into the world with a guided meditation alone in the room after your treatment. Lie in the bed or sit up as you'll have the room yourself to re-invigorate your mind to match you stimulated happy skin ($12)

Want to try it but not sure you love it?

Use the promocode "MedUp" and you can receive one free meditation add on with your Custom Skincare Treatment booked on Nov 30 - Dec 12th. We have you to feel your best this end of year. These services are included with our All Inclusive Spa Memberships, keep an eye out as we will be launching a new membership just for unlimited Meditation!