Saturday, 28 December 2019

Finding Balance in 2020

A New Year and wrapping up Holidays can inspire trying for self reflection and new challenges to get closer to happiness. Congratulations for accepting this next step!

We all have moments of striving for more balance, less anxiety, more patience, less stress and more self prioritizing. Lots of the time that plays out as "this year I'll eat better and go to the gym!" which is always a nice healthy idea, but many studies show that if you have a goal - it's more likely to be executed if you break down this goal into small reasonable steps with specific timelines. We want to help!

We're going to pick the example of looking for more balance in 2020.

Let's break that down, what is more balance? To us more balance is prioritizing "down time" as much as your prioritize "task/work time".

Some examples of easy to access downtime include:
  • Long walks
  • Meditation
  • TV & Couch Time
  • Reading Time
  • Time with friends
  • Self care appointments (therapy, massage, spa, hair etc.)

Okay! Well that seems pretty easy. A critical secret to maintaining goals is finding ways to make things habits. As James Clear says, "Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement".

Habit Hints

The book Atomic Habits has a few suggestions for making habit forming easy. The first one is making it simple, attractive and appreciate the reward in completing your habit. This can be why highly visible calendars are great. If you want to eat more fruit, buy only fruit you actually want and leave it out so it's easy to access. Bring some to work so it's easy to snack on (especially around 2-4pm, when a lot of people slump), even go as far and taking sniffs of yummy smelling fruit (or their essential oils) to entice you to crave it. Then give yourself a further reward by putting a checkmark on your calendar the days you eat fruit, or if you're so inclined, use stickers! 

Another easy way to encourage habits within your day to day life is stacking habits. Usually combining a habit you dislike, with a habit you like, creates a self rewarding cycle. For example Eliss only listens to podcasts when at the gym. If she wants to listen to a podcast, then she's gotta go workout. You can also create a double whammy of rewards riding on the success of an habit you're already established, for example - meditation, reading or tv & couch time go well with masking, and you've been masking for almost a year now. Or just the reward of getting two "to do's" marked off at once, while saving time (a habit you're maybe too into) can keep the good times rolling, some examples would be time with friends & long walks, or a book club, goes well. Let's say a big issue in creating balance is that your work hours tend to run late. Book your self care appointments to start at a time that would be reasonable to get to, if you left work not late. Give yourself a sticker or check mark every time you keep that appointment at the original time (also maybe practice saying "No, I have to go" in the mirror, or "I have a critical appointment, I must leave" because by the way, you having a content balanced life is critical.)

Making Your Game Plan

Either as a document, or just using a pen and paper, we can create a plan with reasonable tasks so that "finding more balance" in 2020 isn't a daunting idea. We've also created a google sheet you can download by clicking here! If you google "goal setting worksheets" you'll also get an array of options.

We used our Google Sheet file and came up with this game plan: (click here

You're going to break down the tasks and assign a date to complete by. Now you have a sheet you can print out and manually check mark (or seriously, the sticker thing works!). We'll also leave out copies in spa in the New Year so it's even easier to set your goals. I know, it's crazy, who goes to a spa's website to download spreadsheets? We appreciate your open mind! As our regulars know, we love doing what we can to help you reach your goals and most happiness. If meditation is something you're seeking for the new year, please don't forget we offer a meditation add-on for Custom Skincare Treatments and Lash Lifts.

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