Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mini Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment
Our resident Acupuncturist offers Registered Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you have additional health benefits the services may be covered!

Every Saturday we offer a $15 mini Medical acupuncture treatment! This mini treatment is a great introduction to see if you can stand the feeling of acupuncture or to help maintain regular treatments if you're on a budget. Space can be limited so we recommend booking in advance! 

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Please note at this time our Acupuncture Leah is not taking on new Cosmetic Acupuncture clients

  • Acupuncture (including cosmetic or medical)
Premium (with Tuina, GuaSha, Cupping & Electrotherapy) 
Cosmetic Initial Service $150
Follow Up $125
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Medical Acupuncture Initial $125
Follow Up $105 
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Basic (just Acupuncture with Add On Options)
Cosmetic Initial Service $125
Follow Up $100
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Medical Acupuncture Initial Service $110
60 min. Follow Up $90
45 min. Follow Up $80
30 min. Follow Up $65
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Targeted Acupuncture Treatments
Eyelift $35
Chin Lift $35
Neck Lift $35
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Acupuncture Add On Options include:
Electrotherapy $10
Cupping $10
GuaSha $25
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Bring A Friend Cosmetic Acupuncture
Some friends get toned at the gym together, now you can skip the sweat and hang out with a bud or partner while getting a sick discount on your benefits covered services!
Initial $200 ($100/each)
Follow Up $150 ($75/each)
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  • Cupping (great for making cellulite less visible as well as dealing with sore muscles) 

$10 for Acupuncture or Shiatsu Add On
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$25 Custom Skincare Treatment Add On
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  • Gua Sha Massage Ritual Treatments 

$10 for Acupuncture or Shiatsu Add On
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$25 for Custom Skincare Treatment Add On
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We now offer an after treatment service with our estheticians, we'll help calm down redness or inflammation and apply products that target the same concerns you're receiving facial acupuncture, Gua-sha or dermal needling for! 
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