Career @ Saul's

Saul's is always excited to offer opportunities to bright promising technicians who have an intense passion for integrity of their skill & trade.

If you are looking for a position that lets you take long weekends off, have a flexible schedule, are non-compete clause free (because we don't own your skillset or our clients) with access to COHIP coverage (starting soon) then we are looking for you! We are always open to technicians looking to work on commission / split and we offer varying degrees of support from our facilities including:
  • Reception duties
  • Cashing out and merchant services
  • Access to Booker software
  • Use of retail space for own products
  • Storage of support tools
  • Backroom with water access
  • In house laundry
  • Use of our product if a trained esthetician

Each of our rooms has a service bed, some rooms contain water access (including a shower). Your services could be integrated into our packages & specials as well.

If you're interested in learning more or seeing if Saul's is a good fit for your services,  please contact us at . We request you only contact by email , we like to keep our phones available for clients & customers (and usually Eliss is busy in a service anyways).

We are currently looking for a passionate and independence loving Registered Massage Therapist, especially on a weekday (other than Friday, as our current RMT is in that day) and Saturdays 

We love creating a community in spa that helps support other independent small businesses and promote each other, so don't be shy if you have an idea or skill you'd love to promote! We're happy to offer the support we can to make your skilled trade something that benefits you first, not a demanding boss