Custom Skincare Treatments (facials)

Facials: Don't know what's up with your skin? Let us guide you and build the perfect customized facial to treat whatever your needs are. With access to high frequency, peels and an array of products from multiple lines, if we can't find exactly what we like for your facial we'll whip up our own mask for your skin on the spot! Each treatment will start with a consultation with the esthetician about the expectations from the facial. Available in 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute intervals. (We recommend at least 45 minutes if you want extractions)

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  • 30 min $77 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)
  • 45 min $97 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)
  • 60 min $112 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)
  • 90 min $142 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)
  • Add anti-ageing hand and chest treatment for $20 and 10 minutes (keep in mind this treatment will make your skin more photosensitive for days after)
  • Add extra scalp massage for just $16
  • Add a Cupping Treatment, this treatment helps boost lymphatic drainage, temporary plumps up fine lines and supports increased absorption of products. Not recommended with rosacea or open lesions and very active break outs    $20
  • Pre-Skincare Treatment 10 min. Meditation Before we start your skincare service, while you lie cozy in our pre-heated facial bed, we'll play a guided meditation while helping you relax with massage and encouraging breaths. This service can be added to your "I'm Too Tired to Wash my Face" treatment and Custom Skincare Treatments $18
  • During Treatment Guided Meditation In place of our usual tunes we'll play a guided meditation to you help unwind even further, glowing from inside out $5
  • Post Treatment Meditation Warm your way back into the world with a guided meditation alone in the room after your treatment. Lie in the bed or sit up as you'll have the room yourself to re-invigorate your mind to match you stimulated happy skin $12

To make it a back facial it will be an additional $25 (e.g. a 60 minute back facial will be $127

Add extra back or scalp massage to your back facial for just $16! book now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)

Advanced Acne Salicylic Acid Peel Series:

This peel series is four services in total that target and heal break out activity and acne. Services can be booked 1x a week. $234

Advance Acne Bacne Peel Series:

This peel series is for your back! Target break out activity on your back 1x a week for four weeks in total. We recommend avoiding sun exposure, steams, work outs and hot tubs within 24 hours of the service $315

Monthly Facial Contracts - receive over 10-15%  off 6 or 12 facials by signed up for one of our facial plans! You'll be automatically charged 1 x a month for each facial and have 12 - 24 months to use the services (depending on your contract). This special is also available for 45 Minute Custom Skincare Treatments!

Please note all packages and memberships are non-transferable unless stated otherwise. All services will have to be completed with the same person

Your Subscription Price Options Are:

6 Month Contract - six 45 minute Custom Skincare Treatments - $85 

12 Month Contract - twelve 45 minute Custom Skincare Treatments - $77

6 Month Contract - six 60 minute Custom Skincare Treatments - $95 

12 Month Contract - twelve 60 minute Custom Skincare Treatments - $90 

Face, Back and Chest Treatment: Inspired by popular demand, this is the ultimate service for acne or hyper-pigmentation. This treatment includes a treatment for your face, upper chest/neckline and back. As per our usual style, the services within the facial are custom to skin type, conditions and desired results from the client - peels, extractions and high frequency are popular in this style of treatment when applicable.

You will be photosensitive for 1-5 days afterwards, meaning you need to be more conscious of sun exposure. This isn't ideal for someone on acne meds. $180 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!

Majestic Facial Hair: When coming in for a facial with facial hair we'll take care of the hair that stop us from being able to fully access the skin underneath. Depending on the length of the beard we will do a beard cleanse, customized conditioning mask (if too long then we'll give you mask for an at-home / in shower treatment) along with a conditioning oil to finish with a taming comb out. No additional cost

Want to skip the facial and just get a Beard Conditioning Treatment? If your beard is 3.5" or shorter, we can help ya out! Get a non-drying beardy cleanse, a customized conditioning beard mask with a neck and shoulder massage followed by treatment for any pesky spots or ingrown hairs under the beard and finished with
 beard oil and comb out $40 Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)

Add extra scalp massage for just $16!

 Yam and Pumpkin Peel Series Package:   Pumpkin spice your face with Eminence's Pro Yam and Pumpkin Peel. This treatment will help boost collagen production, break down congestion in the skin and tone down hyper pigmentation. It's not unusual to experience some slight flaking (particularly on the more acidic/oily parts of your face, like around the nose and chin) but otherwise you can expect to leave with the typical post facial glow.

The package includes 3 x 30 minute treatments and finishes with a 45 minute treatment. The ideal booking for optimal results would be a treatment a week for 4 weeks while withholding at-home exfoliation and using sun protective products very consistently. The whole package is purchased at once and totals $250 
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Cold Weather Back Treatment: Are you feeling that dry weather itchy back? Looking to treat your posture after adjusting to the perma cold weather hunch?

This treatment includes a soothing oatmeal infused scrub, a hydrating treatment mask (with massage) and a rich nourishing finishing lotion! This cozy de-itching treatment will leave you ready for outside again! $48 
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Add extra scalp or back massage for just $16! Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)

*All of our products are SLS and petrochemical free, if you have any concerns about ingredients please let us know when booking

The Emergency Zit Killer: Have a big event coming up and a glowing red bump to go with it? Come in for an emergency zit treatment, includes cleansing and extraction of the problem spot if ready, high frequency to speed up healing and disinfect under the skin, calming and treating mask plus spot treatment. This treatment is only to target a single pimple, product will not be applied over the whole face or whole zone of the face. This treatment is a stand alone treatment, if you book a custom facial then we will take care of break outs for no additional cost. $28 Book Now

Add extra scalp massage for $15!

The "I'm Too Tired to Wash My Face" Treatment: We know sometimes you're just too tired to wash your face. We get it! With this treatment you don't even have to get undressed and get a little bit of luxury to wrap up your tiring day. It includes double cleanse, skin analysis, toner, serum, spot treatment if necessary, and moisturizer. This service is perfect when paired with facial cupping, Gua Sha, facial acupuncture, or after work waxing! $24 Book Now        
Buy a package of 5 for $105     Buy Now

After Sun "Oh God I'm Red" Treatment: The treatment is 60 minutes long and covers essentially from the elbows up, so the decollete (basically chest), shoulders, top of arms, face and upper back/neck. We'll do a soothing wash and series of anti-ageing/antioxidant loaded and healing masks, serums and creams. This is a great treatment for after a vacation to help undo unwanted ageing or dehydration. 

We do recommend exercising some common sense on this treatment, if you're at the point where you can't lie down on the burn or stand anyone touching you, or there's blistering, we recommend holding off on this facial. If you want extractions or exfoliation, then you want a more traditional custom facial from us. This treatment will not heal a sunburn, but it can assist in toning down redness, rehydrating the skin and rebalancing the skin which can aid in a quicker recovery. $105, beard conditioning treatment is not included in this treatment Book Now (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)

Add extra scalp massage for $15! (click here to purchase a gift certificate online!)