Online Shopping

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You can order products for pick up at the shop or we will be shipping out products for same day, by hand, delivery on Fridays, all packages arriving by 5pm. This is important to us because we don't have to worry about your product changing temperature in transit, which can alter the integrity of the formula!

Orders received on Fridays after 12pm will be shipped the following delivery day. (ex. if you order a Calm Skin Cleanser for delivery on Friday at 2pm, we will have it shipped to you the following Friday, arriving the same day at 5pm).

Our delivery services will be the amazing Good Foot Delivery services and at this time we will be offering a flat shipping fee of $9.99 ($11.29 with tax)! We can only ship packages to "old Toronto" (click here to see a map outlining the boundaries) . All orders made outside this region that are not for pick up, will be cancelled and refunded promptly.